Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Animals in Winter Math Stations

I thought I would go ahead and post our math centers this week so my Friday post won't be sooooo long.  I just oploaded my Animals in Winter Unit to tpt this past weekend and I made all new centers for this unit.  In the past, I think I've done a few bear centers and then "winter leftovers" from previous units, but I took the time to make sure the centers were great and fun!  

They had to use a party blower to count the syllables in each word.  So. Much. Fun!  They got so excited when they found out they could take them home...:)

Counting and Tallying

Counting to 20
Still practicing Ten Frames...matching a set to the number

You can find all of these centers in my Animals in Winter unit except for the first center in the post...it's in my Frosty Fun unit!

Hope you all have a GREAT week!  
If you bought my January Intervention Pack and noticed there wasn't a 1-4 snowflakes page...I revised it so make sure you re-download it!
Oh, and I added the middle sounds pics to the Mitten Unit.

Many of you have asked for the 100th Day Crown Pattern that was posted on my blog last year here.
I've uploaded in my tpt store for FREE!  Go grab it!


  1. What fun ideas! Thanks for sharing your hard work.


    Mrs. Crowder's Kinder Cuties

  2. These look great!! I think I remember you mentioning a penguins unit in a previous post?! I don't mean to rush you but I was hoping you could say when you think that it might be ready? I would love to use it in the next week or so :) thanks!!

    1. Hi. Working on it right now! Hope to have it out this weekend! :) Maybe. Keep your fingers crossed!

  3. I LOVE your creativity and thanks for sharing your 100th Day crown. Tammy

  4. What about a Valentine's Day unit? Will you be posting one of those??? :)

  5. We totally loved this unit in my room. :) Thanks so much. I am new to K this year after being in second and have loved the help you provide on your blog. There are pics of my cuties using your syllables activity from this unit on my new blog - Sprinkles to Kindergarten.