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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well, I meant to already have this post up, but...life happens.  We celebrated my little one's 2nd birthday this weekend with a Jake/Pirate party!  So fun!  

Last week we learned all about apples and our centers were apple themed too!  Here's some of what went on in our little classroom last week.  You can find the apple centers HERE in my Apple Fun Unit.

For one of our counting centers, these little guys hang from our ceiling.  They love to walk around with their little clipboard and count the apples "up on top".  :)
More Math Centers
1.  The apples were put in number order 1-10.
2. Students counted the spots on the apples then wrote the matching number.
3. They had to find the number and matching number word.
4. They counted to ten frame and wrote the number.  

They are lovin' the pocket chart stories right now.
First the kiddos have to match the apple with the correct sentence.
Then, they complete the story.

Literacy Centers
 1. Bushel of Sight Words: I like this because they see the sight words in different fonts and with uppercase letters at the beginning of some words.  They had to read the sights words then write it on the line.
2. Let's Go Pickin': They pick an apple from the tree.  If it has an Aa they write it, if not they turn it back over and try again.
3. Easy as Pie:  They pick a pie "from the oven"...using a pot holder of course, and listen for the first sound.  They write the matching letter.
4.  Johnny Went Walking: Students get a clipboard and search the room for the "Johnnys"and write the letter.  Then, at the bottom they have to write the letters in ABC order.

 I love the way these Johnny Appleseed projects turned out.  These took us a couple of days, but they are oh so cute!  We came up with a fact about Johnny Appleseed as a class and wrote the sentence.  
You can find this activity HERE.
 We learned about the apple tree and made these little apple pockets.
 And, we made these cutie-patootie apple faces from First Grade Blue Skies.

Well, that sums up Apples!  Next up is Spiders, Scarecrows, and Skeletons for Ss Week then it's off to the pumpkin patch and Pumpkin Week!  
Can't Wait to show you my newest Pumpkin Party pack in action!

And, go HERE to check out some of my new-found You Tube videos that my kids are LOVE-ING right now!

Tuesday, September 23, 2014

It's Fall Y'all!

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Sunday, September 14, 2014

All About Me, Name Cheers, & Graphs

I cannot believe we have been in school for almost 1 month!  Starting Kindergarten is super hard...training a new group of kiddos...whoa!  But, I have already seen so many gains in my students...not just academically, but socially & emotionally as well!  Makes my heart happy!  I've watched kids settle into new surroundings and routines, make new friends, learn to write their name, finally crack a smile for the first time in our classroom and lots of other things.  I love my job!

Last week we dove into our All About Me unit.  It's so much fun for the kids.  Of course, they love learning and telling all about themselves!  

We make several graphs during the week...here's 2.  
I LOVE the way this one turned out!  I'm always trying to think of different ways to do things I've done in the past...gotta shake it up sometimes ;).

What Color is Your Hair Graph
Are you a Boy or Girl
We make these cute little megaphones and poms to use as we spell our name then cheer!
I think their favorite thing we do all week are Name Cheers!

This little picture pretty much sums up the fun!
We reviewed what a good listener looks like by making these little people and signing our Whole Body Listening Song.
We measured how tall we are...these will be on the table for Grand Open House along with a couple other things.
These are from Deanna...We put the first letter of our name on the little buses we made.
We made these little Name Gifts for our parents for Grand Open House.
We talked about our favorite color and made these little crayon people from Cara that you can find HERE.
And, here's what some of our centers looked like this past week.  All of these can be found in my All About Me Unit!

As always, thanks for reading this blog!  :)  Have a wonderful week!

Monday, September 1, 2014


For the past several years I feel like I finally got my Back to School routine down pat.  I found ways to introduce rules/routines/centers, and all that good stuff that works for me and is successful for my kiddos.  I love my Back to School units and I love pretty much what I've got going on for the first few weeks, but there is a tiny part of me that ALWAYS wants to try something different.  Even though, what I do works!  So, this year I decided I'm going to keep everything I have, use it all, and do pretty much what I've always done (because it does work), but throw in some FUN, NEW things as well.  My new Back to School with Froggy is what I came up with...I must say I'm in love!  It worked so perfect for me and my kids the first 2 weeks.  The activities I came up with were simple enough for all of my students to feel successful and it was just the touch I needed not to be bored with the same ol' same ol'.  :)  I used this the first 2 weeks of school, but I think it would be fun and a great review at any time!
Wanna see it in action?  Here we go...

We made these the first week of school and they turned out SO cute!
I used lime green crepe paper for the arms and legs which I think makes it pop...and scrapbook paper for Froggy's shorts!

I put this in my reading center the second week of school after we had played it whole group.  They were excited to see it again and they knew exactly how to play it.  
 Here's our build a fly.  This also has a labeling activity included in the pack.
Here's the sequencing activity we did after reading the book.

There's many, many more activities that I didn't include in this post.  If you are interested in doing these things with your students you can find it HERE!
Happy Labor Day Weekend!!

I'll give this unit away to one lucky person who comments below!!

Friday, August 29, 2014

Lots of Back to School Pictures!!

I just finished my second full week of school and man I'm tired.  How do you forget how tiring the first few weeks of school are?  I think if we remembered how it was each year, we might not go back.  HA!
I'm kidding, I would go back ;).

 We spend a ton of time at the beginning focusing on learning how to be peacemakers...not peace breakers.  I think I already shared this activity with you, but I'm sharing again because I love it so much.  This really helps my kiddos to learn how peacemakers act...they get really good at using that language.  I love to hear them say to their friends, "You are being a peacemaker because you ____."  
 We just spent the last two weeks learning all about colors using the story Brown Bear, Brown Bear.
I also use Brown Bear to introduce the routine and structure of our centers to them.  And, we retell this story several different ways.
Here, we partner up and paint one section of our Brown Bear story map.  I use this to introduce paint and paint brushes.
We also have character cards that we use to retell the story with a friend.
Then, they go in the brown bag with the story stapled to the front so they can share the story with someone at home.  
You can tell by the pictures each student is engaged!  :)

 Who doesn't love chocolate?  This is a hit every year...I love how it has color words, characters, sorting and counting (for the students that are ready) all in one.
 We graph how we get to school...see Froggy??  More on this in a later post!
Tons of Froggy fun is coming!
 Ok, so I love these little color cut-aparts from my Brown Bear Unit if I do say so myself.
"Really?!?!"  Yes, because every year I can see SO MUCH progress by the time they have done one of these for each color...that's 10 of these that they have had to color, trace, write, draw, glue, sequence, and spell.
Here's the deal, every year on the first couple pages, I'm like, "Why do I do this to myself...this is so hard", but by the end of the colors, even my kiddos that could not hold scissors correctly and make a stroke have shown some improvement and that makes me happy!  
Are these perfect by the end??  Absolutely not!  Do they all look like this?  No way!  But, the slightest improvement makes me smile and usually there's significant improvement over two weeks.  Practice makes perfect right?! 
 Speaking of scissors??  I have several sweeties who didn't know how to hold scissors or open and shut to cut.  So, this happened!  I did the google eyes last year but this year I wanted to do something that really caught their eye.  Um, it definitely helped...a lot!  All I have to say is "Fuzzy on top", and they immediately switch if need be.
 This (Rainbow Strokes is from Brown Bear) was in writing center...along with some other things from my Write Your Heart Out August/September Edition Unit.  Room 28 (that's me) needed a little practice on strokes ;).
 Here's some of what went in Literacy and Math centers from Brown Bear.
 We are learning how to roll cubes, use bingo dotters correctly, spin spinners, use game pieces, take turns, WAIT our turn, share, use clipboards, use markers...and well, play centers!
I must say it went pretty smoothly.  I do not begin pulling "real" small groups just yet.  I do take the few extra minutes I have after helping everyone finish and get to their next place to work on writing names, or learning how to make a straight line so we can begin to form a letter.  

Every year I ready Bubble Gum, Bubble Gum by Lisa Wheeler and we do this fun bubble gum blowing activity.  We had 4 "bubblers" as I call them and 11 "non-bubblers".  
First we read the story.  Then, we make the faces without the bubble.  Next, we chew and try to blow bubbles.  Last, we add either a bubble or popped bubble and build our graph.
Check it out!

 If you read all of this...Bless Your Heart!
Hope your weekend is wonderful!
Check back soon because I have TONS of Froggy Fun coming to this blog soon!

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