Monday, April 21, 2014

Farm Centers and Activities

This week we're finishing up our zoo centers and activities plus reptiles, but I wanted to show you our new farm centers and some of our activities we did a couple of weeks ago.
By the way, have you ever heard of the Mobile Dairy?  It comes to our school every year and it's such a great opportunity for our kids.  Click HERE to go check it out!  The kids love seeing how cows really are milked plus they share tons of important info. about cows and dairy farms!
Also, our school has this huge farm day, thanks to Mrs. Henderson, where our students rotate to tons of fun stations to learn all about plants, animals, and farms.  We plant a flower, make a "beanie baby" to wear around our neck, work on the farm fishing, painting the barn, building the fence, shearing the sheep, riding the horse, milking the cows, & gathering eggs. We got to see farm animals, learn about horses, hear Mrs. Wishy Washy tell her story and much more.  :)

I love reading the little fact books about animals to my kiddos.  They are always so interested in the cool facts they hear that they may not have heard otherwise.  So, we made these little charts to help us with our learning.

We made these little cutie patooties.  What I love about them SO much is that they are super FAST and so adorable hanging up!  This way, we spend more time working on writing our facts and really concentrating on spacing, sight words, sounding out words, and punctuation.
You can find these and more HERE in my Faces of the Farm pack with Jamie Mayas.
I just love watching them grow as writers!

Guess what?  I made NEW farm centers.  My older ones were a little outdated and not really hard enough for my little group this year.  :)  That's a good problem!
So, below is what I came up with!  These will be available on TPT as soon as I can grab a few more minutes to finish them up!  :)

That pretty much sums up our farm week.  :)

Tuesday, April 15, 2014


I'm just a little behind on blogging...we studied plants a couple of weeks ago and I have been meaning to get these photos on here for, well, 2 weeks now.  Plants is one of my favorite units to teach...look at all the fun things we did!  If you're interested in my math and literacy centers for plants go HERE.   If you're interested in my Tops and Bottoms Ideas go HERE.

When I saw  Cara's little anchor chart I just had to make mine like hers...well, almost...mine isn't near as cute as hers, but it worked!  
 We label the parts of a flower every year and I always love the way these look hanging up!  
 See the confetti in the middle?  I found this at Wal-Mart a few years ago in the Easter section and I'm almost out!  I use it all the time!
Can't find it this time... :(  Anybody seen any?
 Look at these little Flower Friends!  I love the way these turned out too!  This came from Cara at The First Grade Parade as well.
You can find it HERE.

 I think I say this every year, but if you haven't read Tops and Bottoms by Janet Stevens you must.  
It is one of the cutest, best little books ever!  I love it so much that I have a packet with these ideas in it.  You can find it HERE.  
Here is Lazy Bear and Hard-working Hare.  How cute is that?  Bear's eyelids even flap!
We wrote about what makes us feel lazy and what we want to work hard at.
 We made fruit and veggie people after learning how plants are grown and why they are important.
 Um, how kiddos went cuckoo over these little friends.
They loved the little parts like the hats, ties, and bows!  I loved the writing piece.  

Below are snapshots of each center and all of these can be found HERE in my Plants math and literacy centers packet.

 To "pluck the petal" students folded back the petals on the flower.  They love these "foldy" subtraction centers so much that I think I now have 4 sets.  :)

If you made it all the way to the bottom you are one faithful reader!
Thank YOU!
I hope you found something useful and fun in this post!

Tuesday, March 18, 2014

Transportation Centers

Hey y'all!  Well, I have 3 more days until my Spring Break officially begins...what about you?  I'm so excited...mainly because that gives me a week to hopefully catch up on some house cleaning and organizing plus I hope to do a few fun things with the fam!  

I wanted to show you our transportation centers that we worked on some last week and finishing them up this week.  I couldn't get in all of my themes for this time of year so I just squeezed transportation into my morning baskets.  :)  You can find them HERE.  My literacy and math baskets have community helpers centers that I hope to blog about later in the week.  And you can find those HERE

This one we've done before with a different theme.  I still have a few kiddos that have trouble looking at these double digit numbers and ordering them by 5's.  So, we are still practicing.
My kids are getting SO good at addition that they really don't need me at all.  Some are simply recognizing the facts and knowing them without using manipulatives.
I shared this at my presentation a few weeks ago because it is one of my student's favorites.
I made these little roads and color coded them with a dot.  They use the little car manipulative to drive and read the word.  How fun is that?!
Here, they had to read all of the words and pick out the rhyming words.  I started doing some rhyming games like this last school year so they were having to read more words and listen for rhymes. 
Unscrambling sight words...
More subtraction...
teen number words...
What comes next?...
ordering numbers...
and counting by 10's.

That pretty much sums up our transportation centers.
You can find all of these games HERE in my Transportation Pack.
I haven't given away my Transportation Unit yet, so leave a comment below and I'll choose a winner tomorrow.  :)

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