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Tuesday, November 29, 2016

The NICE & NAUGHTY list!!

You know,  every year when December hits, it's like the rules go out the window...sound familiar?  So, I came up with this little activity to help my little sweeties remember how to be peacemakers and make good choices in the midst of a little chaos.

Here's how the lesson went down:
First, I made the big Santa and had the lists and headers ready to go.
I store the santa and use it each year. :)  
Next, I read each card aloud and I let my students tell me where each card fit.   Then, I taped them to the correct list.
Last, I let my students write about something that would keep them on the NICE list!  
You can find the cards and headers in THIS packet HERE!


  1. Cute Idea! I bet there will be a renewed interest in "nice list" behaviors for the rest of the month!
    The Small Group Room

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  3. How I wish I read this ....... I will definitely use next year!
    LOVE your blog.

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