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Thursday, March 25, 2010

Plenty of Plants

This week we have been learning all about plants!  This has been such a fun unit, and will fit right into our farm unit coming up the next two weeks.  We finished our letter to Mr. McGregor and it will be on it's way back to him this weekend.  We told him everything important we learned about plants.  In art center this week we construced flowers and labeled the parts of a flower as you see above.

The pictures above show our completed vegetable and flower garden.  I thought it turned out too cute!

Here are the kiddos sponge painting their potatoes.  Fun!
One of our favorite stories this week was The Tiny Seed by Eric Carle.  It is about this tiny seed who almost gets lost among all the other seeds, but fearlessly floats on and eventually becomes the biggest flower of them all.  The whole town comes to see how beautiful it became.  We made our own giant flower by group painting and then writing sentences about flowers and plants.  Check out the picture below!

Finally, on this rainy day today we made rain people.  The boots say, "My yellow rain boots can splash in puddles, but not on mom (or dad or others), or I'll be in trouble!"  Oh, and we made pattern block kites too!  Have a happy weekend!


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