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Saturday, August 28, 2010

Rainbow Day!

Rainbow day was a busy day in Mrs. Lee's class...but a fun day!  We practice sorting all the colors and made a brown bear button wall story that we hung in our hallway.  First, we sorted the buttons by color, then we glued them onto our bears.  Next, we wrote the color word that matched the buttons on our bears.  We worked with a partner and took turns sharing the tasks we had to complete.  

Below is the finished wall story and a close up of one of the bears so you can see how cute they turned out.  They did a great job drawing the faces as well!  Oh, and under our bear story are our TLC Viola Swamps from the story "Miss Nelson is Missing".

Also, below we made shape people during art center this week, torn paper rainbows, and the picture on the right shows our rainbow hair people that we made after we learned the poem.


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