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Sunday, February 5, 2012

Mirrors and Literacy??

Long time no blog seems like...anywho; we finished up learning about penguins this week...such a fun unit to teach.  I totally forgot to snap a pic of our learning chart!  The kids loved learning about these little guys...check out the pics below!  

waddling like a penguin...tricky, but every "penguin" got to eat krill when they reached me!

sight word hunt...they always love to get movin' round the room!

Okay, so my kids were beyond excited about this little center!  How cool to use mirrors for learning!  They totally loved this center.  I know I will have to make another one of these!

we are doing so great reading words!

I got this fun idea from Deanna Jump...we practiced odd and even counting and numbers

we watched live penguins from the national aviary...sorry for the "not so good" picture, but we got to watch the penguins feed....you may can see the workers in there with them.  We watched them waddle up the rock hill and one fell in the water...poor thing!  But, oh my...so much fun!

We practiced sorting blends onto the correct cone

They asked to play it over and over

I gave this as a freebie last year, but I know some people have had problems downloading it...not sure what's up.  I can load it in my tpt store for free because it's DJ Inkers.

beginning and ending sounds

Cute little paper bag penguin from Kim Jordano over at kinderbykim

I've uploaded the penguin measuring and patterning activity from last week's earlier post...it's in my tpt store for FREE...I've had problems with scribd archiving my things, so I'm gonna do all of my freebies through tpt...that way it's always there and for free!
The rest of these penguin centers can be found in my penguin unit.


  1. How do you mirror the image? I think my students would love your mirror activity!

  2. What creative ideas. I hope to win the sweet giveaway!

  3. Such cute ideas! I love following your blog!


  4. I LOVE your blog!!! Thank you for sharing such wonderful ideas!! I hope to win your SWEET Valentine giveaway!!!

  5. Now following your blog! Hope you take a peek at mine...

    The 3AM Teacher

  6. You have some great things on here! I'm a new follower and excited about checking out your blog :)

  7. I am excited to be following your blog. You have great ideas!

  8. The mirror image activity is great! I never thought of doing it with words. Thanks for sharing your wonderful and fun activities! Amber

  9. I'm loyal follower! Love your posts!!!!!


  10. Your blog looks amazing! I just started following you, and I'm hoping I am lucky enough to win the 6 lesson give away! Thank you for sharing your great ideas!

  11. I follow your blog now. I fell in love with your activities a long time ago. They are amazing especially the penguin unit which I will have to remember when we do our unit. I am trying to win the Valentine's Day giveaway posted on Deanna Jump's blog in which several of your Valentine's Day activities are included. I hope I am a winner! I wish I were as creative as you are.
    Thank you, Tracey M.

  12. Thanks for sharing. I love the mirror activity, what a great way to look at sight words:)

  13. I love the mirror activity. I teach first grade so it needs to be a little more challenging. I'm thinking they will have to read several words using the mirrors, then unscramble the sentence. How did you type the reverse font?

  14. Awesome activities!! I LOVE, LOVE, LOVE your blog!! Thank you for always sharing your great ideas! And, I really love the cool mirror activity! What a great idea! How were you able to type the font in reverse though?


  15. After reading your blog, I decided to figure out a way to reverse the font. Not sure how you did it, but I found a reversed font to download for free. It's called KG June Bug Reverse.

    1. Cool! Yay...thanks for sharing! I'll have to check that out. You can flip it in Word. :)

  16. Oh my goodness- I love the mirror idea. Thanks for sharing all your great ideas.


  17. The mirror center is soooo COOL! You have really got some creative juices flowing girl!! You've got to show me how to type the words backwards! Love working with you!


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