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Monday, September 24, 2012


Oh my goodness!  I've had so many e-mails for the apple investigation and teddy bear exploration pages that I have finally uploaded them for FREE to my tpt store!  It's been on my to do list...but you know how that goes.  You can get the Apple Investigation Here and the Teddy Exploration Here.  

Okay, and I also finished my Search & Find Alphabet Edition packet and you can find it HERE.

Happy Monday!


  1. Holy Buckets....I am the first to comment. THANK YOU for sharing your freebies! I am going to use the apple one next week. Our Honey Crisp apple season was cut short because of the weather here in Wisconsin. So sad...because they are soooo good!!!

    1. I think your website is best for me and all the others which needed such type of information.


  2. Your apple investigation was such a hit with my class last year - I can't wait to use it this year! :) Thank you so much for sharing your freebies! and your Search & Find pack looks great! :)
    Crayons and Curls

  3. Hello Julie! I would love your print outs for the "community helpers"unit! My email address is skirk11@georgefox.edu

  4. Thanks so much for the freebies! Love em'!

    Learn, Play & Have Fun

  5. Thanks so much for the freebies! When ever I am low on ideas I can always count on you to give me some great ones! Random question: Will you be making a farm unit anytime soon for your TPT store?
    Many Thanks!
    Breanna breb511@hotmail.com

  6. What a cute investigation! I will definitely add it into my apple activities. Thanks for sharing.

    Check out my blog: kindergartenkidsatplay.blogspot.com.

    I also just posted a few of my apple activities that I do in my classroom using apple printing.

  7. Hugs & prayers & blessings upon you!!!! Anyway you could share a pumpkin investigation sheet, or is that for purchase? let us know! thanks!

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  10. I love the rainbow sight words activity...is that a unit I can buy?

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