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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My First SDE Presentation is Under my Belt! And, the TPT Sale!

Hello!  Some of you may remember that I just presented at my first ever SDE conference this past Monday.  Oh my word...let's just say I was wee-bit sick nervous...just a little (wink).  I'm SO very glad my sis and mom could make it with me just to be there for me...plus they brought donuts and Pepto!  

Okay, so it wasn't as nerve-racking as I thought it would be.  Once I got going I was good!  Of course, if I ever get the opportunity to present again it will be even better, now that I know what to expect!  My attendees were awesome and so sweet...all 79 of you.  I had some of the sweetest feedback in person and through e-mail, so, THANKS!

Here's me and Kim and shoot!  I forgot to snap a pic of me and Deanna!  
(Don't ya just love that purple ribbon that screams "I'm a first-timer!"  ;)
Really!  I'm blessed to have had the opportunity!

Anywho, enough about me...Are you ready for the TPT sale?!?!?!?!  I am!  Can't wait to fill my cart later on tonight!  You can click the image below to go to my store to browse.

These first 3 are FREEBIES in my TPT store.  Grab, print, and use!  :)

Finally, these are some of the units I use during the spring.  Just click the image if you wanna know more about it!

Of course, my store will be on sale.  Don't forget the promo code to save even more!  
Thanks for stoppin' by!


  1. I bet you were great! Are you going to present at the I Teach K in Vegas? I hope so!

    1. Not this year, but maybe one day!! :) :)

  2. Thank you so much for sharing your wonderful products. I appreciate all your hard work - you have made my life sooooo much easier. The students enjoy the variety of products I have purchased from you at TPT.

    1. You are SO welcome!! I'm glad you enjoy them and your students too!


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