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Sunday, September 14, 2014

All About Me, Name Cheers, & Graphs

I cannot believe we have been in school for almost 1 month!  Starting Kindergarten is super hard...training a new group of kiddos...whoa!  But, I have already seen so many gains in my students...not just academically, but socially & emotionally as well!  Makes my heart happy!  I've watched kids settle into new surroundings and routines, make new friends, learn to write their name, finally crack a smile for the first time in our classroom and lots of other things.  I love my job!

Last week we dove into our All About Me unit.  It's so much fun for the kids.  Of course, they love learning and telling all about themselves!  

We make several graphs during the week...here's 2.  
I LOVE the way this one turned out!  I'm always trying to think of different ways to do things I've done in the past...gotta shake it up sometimes ;).

What Color is Your Hair Graph
Are you a Boy or Girl
We make these cute little megaphones and poms to use as we spell our name then cheer!
I think their favorite thing we do all week are Name Cheers!

This little picture pretty much sums up the fun!
We reviewed what a good listener looks like by making these little people and signing our Whole Body Listening Song.
We measured how tall we are...these will be on the table for Grand Open House along with a couple other things.
These are from Deanna...We put the first letter of our name on the little buses we made.
We made these little Name Gifts for our parents for Grand Open House.
We talked about our favorite color and made these little crayon people from Cara that you can find HERE.
And, here's what some of our centers looked like this past week.  All of these can be found in my All About Me Unit!

As always, thanks for reading this blog!  :)  Have a wonderful week!


  1. I want to be in your classroom! I am going to FIT IN the name cheer with my kiddos for sure this year. VERY MUCH NEEDED....again and again! HE HE HE Glad your year is starting out GREAT! Amber ~ Kindergarten Rocks Blog

  2. Love, love your what color is your hair graph. I will be borrowing (stealing) your awesome idea! Your all about me unit is already in my cart. Thanks a bunch!

  3. Thanks for sharing so many great ideas! I noticed that you use a brad and a paper clip to make spinners. I always have the kids use a pencil to hold the paper clip but most of the kids have a hard time with fine motor coordination so early in the year and spinning it is difficult. Your brad idea eliminates that problem.

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  5. That hair graph is just too adorable! I love it!

    The Teacher Brain

  6. Love the classroom and work. Noticed that you do use stickers,paper tearing , collage. Check out these sets. It is a fun project and great for number recognition and fine motor skills.



    Drop me a line at mark.c@kidscreativetoystore.com if you need more information.

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