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Monday, October 5, 2015

Dog's Colorful Day Centers and Activities

This post is long overdue!  But, we had so much fun with the centers that I couldn't resist posting them a month later.  I love introducing and practicing colors by reading Dog's Colorful Day.  It's simple text is perfect for beginning of kindergarten and the kids always love the story.  I love it as well, so I just had to make a unit of centers on it.  
You can find the unit HERE.
If you don't own the book Dog's Colorful Day you can purchase it 

I like to practice beginning sounds this way to get kids used to the idea of a letter and sound that matches a picture.
 I like my kids up and moving so these write the room activities are perfect.
 For this one, students had to choose a color object from the story and color a dot to match.
 I love hanging things from my ceiling that go with a center.  These giant numbers hung around the room and students had to "find" them and trace the match on their paper.

 This one, you just count the dots and trace the number.  We only go to 5 this early in the year as far as centers go so my kids can feel successful.
 Pick a bubble and trace the matching letter with the matching color.
 This one helped my students see a five frame and a number that go together.
My kids loved this!  They just scooped out the letter tiles and matched them up on the alphabet mat.

Tweezers are always nice for fine motor.  To play they had to roll the cube and grab that many poms to put on their dog.
You can purchase the kid-friendly tweezers here.
And, the pocket dice HERE.
To practice shapes we rolled and dotted.  Great for learning how to roll cubes and use bingo dotters correctly.
This was probably my kiddos' favorite one!  They practiced reading sight words by building hot dogs.  We added ketchup and mustard using red and yellow yarn.
We made this giant dog chart to practice retelling the story Dog's Colorful Day and then labeled each spot.

Another way we practiced retelling was making these story headbands with cute little dog ears.

And, another fun activity we did was make these textured spots on Dog.  I set up stations around the room for each color spot.  You can see a few of the stations below.  One station was painting the blue dot because in the story Dog's blue dot was paint.
This station was shaving cream and glue dyed pink to resemble ice cream from the story.
This one was yellow powdered tempera paint to resemble pollen.

You can find all of these cute activities HERE in my Dog's Colorful Day Math and Literacy Unit!


  1. So so fun! Can I start the year over and do these centers too !?!

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