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Wednesday, February 26, 2014

My First SDE Presentation is Under my Belt! And, the TPT Sale!

Hello!  Some of you may remember that I just presented at my first ever SDE conference this past Monday.  Oh my word...let's just say I was wee-bit sick nervous...just a little (wink).  I'm SO very glad my sis and mom could make it with me just to be there for me...plus they brought donuts and Pepto!  

Okay, so it wasn't as nerve-racking as I thought it would be.  Once I got going I was good!  Of course, if I ever get the opportunity to present again it will be even better, now that I know what to expect!  My attendees were awesome and so sweet...all 79 of you.  I had some of the sweetest feedback in person and through e-mail, so, THANKS!

Here's me and Kim and shoot!  I forgot to snap a pic of me and Deanna!  
(Don't ya just love that purple ribbon that screams "I'm a first-timer!"  ;)
Really!  I'm blessed to have had the opportunity!

Anywho, enough about me...Are you ready for the TPT sale?!?!?!?!  I am!  Can't wait to fill my cart later on tonight!  You can click the image below to go to my store to browse.

These first 3 are FREEBIES in my TPT store.  Grab, print, and use!  :)

Finally, these are some of the units I use during the spring.  Just click the image if you wanna know more about it!

Of course, my store will be on sale.  Don't forget the promo code to save even more!  
Thanks for stoppin' by!

Wednesday, February 12, 2014

100th day fun and a NEW 100th day CRAFT!

We celebrated our 100th day of school a few days ago and I have had NO time to blog here lately!  My life is super busy right now…did I mention before that I am getting ready to present at my first (hopefully not last) SDE conference in a couple of weeks!!  Oh. My. Word!  I'm super excited, but nervous…this is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I felt like it was something God was wanting me to do so I'm going for it!  I will be there with the fabulous Kim Adsit and Deanna Jump and lots of others that I can't wait to meet!  Fun times!  :)  And, my twinsie is coming along for moral support!  Have I said before that we do not do much without each other…that includes my first ever presentation!  I'm so excited she is coming with me.  :)  

Here are some pictures of our 100th day fun!  And, we didn't get as much done as usual b/c we had a snow day that week!

Fruit Loop Necklaces…They have to group the colors in sets of 10, then count to 100 by 10's before I tie them off.  :)
 Group Murals….This one will become a gum ball machine...
 And, the cutest idea from Cara Carroll…a giant chocolate chip cookie with 100 chocolate chips!
The end products…You can find the Chocolate Chip Cookie idea HERE in Cara's packet.  LOVE!

 And, my newest 100th day idea/craft began like this…
I let some students write a number on a small piece of paper then their partner glued it to the big colored rectangle.  
 Next, we gathered at the run to put them in order from 10-100 counting by 10's.  This was super quick!

Later, we made these little "smartie candies" and wrote about what makes us feel smart!
Um, probably one of the cutest things we've done!!
 I LOVE the way they look hanging on our door and in our hallway!  So bright and cheery!

I have added this craft to my 100th day pack that you can find HERE.  If you own it, you can re-download to find the craft. 

OH, and congrats to Vonda for winning both of my Weather Packs.  :)  I already sent it to you!  :) 

Tuesday, February 4, 2014

Weather Activities & Centers

Well, I had NO time at all to blog this weekend!  So, I'm doing a "quickie post" about our weather unit that we completed last week.  These pictures came from last year's posts so I took the easy way out and reposted them since we pretty much followed the same routine.  Check back tomorrow *or the next day* to see our 100th day fun...then later on I will be posting about our Fairy Tale unit...one of my most favorite units to teach the whole year!!  
I would LOVE to give away my weather unit and CRAFTS (that are now on TPT) to someone who comments below.  :)

For this center, I made and hung these little kites from our ceiling...the kiddos had to walk around the room with their clipboards and find the kites...listen for the ending sound...and record it on their paper.  I LOVE to get them up and moving for at least one center.

We are working hard on spelling cvc words...

I found the little umbrellas at Dollar Tree...Score!
Close up of how I made the game...labels with sight words written on them and stuck under the umbrella.

Here's the game I had asked for your opinion on Facebook...I did use the title as you can see...I hope you "get it"...It's after that show Sunny in Philadelphia...I don't even watch that show...but hey...
We practiced recognizing the correct sequence of numbers

This is a subtraction center...what they do is pick a sun and look at the number.  Then, they take away that many rays by folding them back.  Each sun has 10 rays to begin with.  The little rays fit perfectly behind when folded...can I just say that I would LOVE this if I was a kid...and they DO!  :)  They have done awesome at this center so far!
This is what they look like before...
This is what they look like after they "take away" the rays

Oh my Goodness...this is so fun too!  All you need is cheap plastic sunglasses...I got mine at Wal-Mart in the party favor section...6 for $2.00.  Add sticker dots to each lens and Boom...easy peasy addition plus it's super FUN!  

This is what it looks like...

This game is ordering numbers counting by 5's...then they record what they did on their paper.

Stormy Subtraction...they have to count the dots on the storm cloud then roll the die to see how many they need to take away.  They needed some help with this so guess where I was the most...green basket
I forgot to snap one up close of one that was done but here's what it looks like...

Practicing counting with ten-frames and twisters...

 This was for morning work...and they did really good...happy teacher!

You can find my center activities above and more in my What's the Weather unit in my tpt store HERE.

The crafts and writing activities can be found HERE.
We made meteorologists and wrote about the kind of weather we would predict...So Cute!

After we talked about rain...why and how it rains we made these cute little legs...it's always fun to jump and splash in rain puddles!

Addition with raining hearts

And finally, our little fact book about weather...

Thanks for visiting my blog!!!!
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