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Saturday, August 20, 2016

Classroom Tour 2016

Well, I've got a full week of kindergarten under my belt.  If you haven't heard, I'm doing something a little different this year.  I'm co-teaching!!  That means 2 teachers in one classroom with double the kids!  More on that later, but for now...OUR CLASSROOM!  Try combining 2 teacher's stuff that's been collecting for more than 10 years and moving into a much smaller space.  It is no easy feat.  BUT, it gave us a chance to clean out things we never used anymore, and reorganize!  Yay for that!  School, for us, started August 10th, so we're already living in it.  :)

I just had to show you our new door sign.  How cute is that?!?!
We had a local girl paint it for us.
 View from the door

 We bought brand new colorful tables!
Our color scheme is Bright Colors...NO primary.
Tables from Worthington Direct.
 This is a close up view of our whole group area.
LOVE our new rug from Today's Classroom!  
Notice our 2 new mini trampolines.  So fun to sit on and read to our kiddos!  We also are using them for good behavior and spontaneous reasons!  

 How cute is this old school desk?  My sweet hubby spray painted everything in our classroom that we could find that needed it!  :)  Got inspiration for this little project from someone on IG and right now I can't find that post.
 Do you have a blue wire book rack from Lakeshore?  We sprayed ours purple!

Yes, we have a basketball goal!

Here's our little Word Work area.

Here's how we store materials for each table. 

Here's a look at our teacher area from the other side of the room.

 And, a close up of my area.  Loving the banners, our new hand painted signs and vinyl borders!

I love how we organized our craft materials. 

This is a little area in between our teacher tables.  This little shelf houses some intervention games.  And, how cute is my new pink filing cabinet?
Got it at Wayfair.com

Found this little gem at TJ Maxx...perfect for my Fluency Strips from The Moffatt Girls!

 Here's how we house our math manipulative and games.

In love with our new pocket chart.  Yes, we spray painted the stand too!
Wow!  Those strips are really crooked.

This is our word wall and writing center.

Our newly revamped reading cart.

This is where our kiddos line up...and see how it turns?  That's because we have 34 kids. :)

And, this is how we keep our trade book teacher books

We were so excited to hang bulletin boards above our cubbies outside our door this year.
And, we are in LOVE with the vinyl borders we put up around the edges!  

Close up of the vinyl borders.

This is on the wall outside our classroom.

I hope you enjoyed our classroom tour and maybe snagged a couple of ideas you can use in your own classroom!

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