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Thursday, June 16, 2011

Last Call...

Last call for participants for our 3rd annual Northeast Alabama Early Childhood Conference!

Kim Jordano is coming!!

I am so excited about seeing this girl...I've heard she is GREAT!  
We also have some other great presenters.

Mike Artell will be our keynote speaker.

If you are interested in making a road trip to Alabama, visit:

to register or find out more information.

Hope to see you there!


  1. Julie, I (and all my K-buddies) from Phil Campbell in Northwest Alabama will be there! Can't wait! And YES, Kim Jordano is great! I saw her several years ago.

  2. Kim J. is GREAT! I went to many of her sessions in Vegas last year -- bring your camera! Speaking of Vegas....you should start thinking about the National K conference next summer- it would be fun to meet up!!

  3. Kim jardano is wonderful! You'll learn so much!

  4. You will absolutely LOVE Kim Jordano! I have seen her about 5 times and every time it's something new and I leave with sooo many great ideas! Bring your camera!!!! And battery charger!! Ha!
    Have Fun!!!

  5. I'm going!!!! Can. Not. Wait.! Huge KinderbyKim fan!!! :)

  6. You will not be disappointed! I've seen her several times and always walk away inspired and re-energized! Have fun!


  7. Did you see Kim Jordano? She is AMAZING! And she still teaches! That's even more amazing! I am so excited... I will see her at the National I Teach K conference next week. I am actually presenting and I have been telling everyone I am presenting at the same conference as Kim Jordano! LOL! Had to share... my husband thinks I am crazy! =)

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