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Thursday, January 12, 2012

More Frosty Fun!

Another busy week is Mrs. Lee's room, but fun and learning is all over the place.  My little kiddos are really starting to read...I'm so proud!  I LOVE it when they sound out a word, read it, and look at me like, "Did you hear me just do that?"  Love it! We finished up our unit on snowmen and wintry weather...we read Snow Dance by Lezlie Evans and danced a little jig hoping we could bring *a few* snow flurries our way...I think I saw ONE on my way home and that's it.  It doesn't snow much here.  Check out a few more of our fun centers this week!  Most of them are in my Frosty Fun Unit Here...check it out!

The clothesline is always a hit amongst the little ones...plus it throws in great fine motor along with math and literacy...this is NOT in my unit, but I'm hoping to post it as a freebie soon as I find the "pants" that go with the sweater...

Middle Sounds practice

 Spin and count the teen number...

I couldn't resist posting this cute little photo opp. of the reading going on...do you have Whisper Phones?...so cool!

finding rhyming words that match the pics and recording them...

CVC word practice...

building sight words on our snowmen and writing them...

Practicing tallying to 10...we are *beginning* to get it...we need a couple more weeks to 10 I think...

ooops...this is *crazy*...spin, read, color, count, write, tally!  Whew!

Here's how we did the 10 Little Snowmen book...we painted ONE finger white and made fingerprint snowmen and let it dry...the next day we decorated and read  our book...

this little cutie is measuring her hand-painted snowman!

2 of our finished snowman projects

Snowflake Symmetry with pattern blocks...

Have you ever read the poem above...if you can see it...We made Rainbow Snowmen...and one of my smarties made a SnowCAT...too cute!

Too cute not to post pics...

Below...2 of my 18 adorable kiddos being "teacher" while I found something for a teacher friend!  
Love it!

Thanks for reading my blog and all the way to the bottom of this LONG post!
First one to mention my *crazy* mix-up gets my new Mitten Unit for FREE!
It's almost done...PLUS I snuck in a Hibernation, Adaptation, and Migration unit...coming up soon too so be checking back.  
YES, penguins are coming up too!


  1. Am I first??? That's *crazy*! I never win anything! :) I love, love, LOVE your blog!

    1. Ha...I totally freaked out and posted a comment before I realized I had to answer a question! Oh well, if it still counts- is the mix-up your upside down picture? :) haha


  2. Is it ..spin, read, color, count, write, tally!

  3. Replies
    1. I am a dork! I panicked when I posted b/c I saw you say that... and didn't even check it...what I was going to comment on originally was that I am loving the sweaters and pants!! SO, SO cute!!

  4. Is the *crazy* mix up your upside photo? Love all your ideas!! Thanks a billion!!

    How do you get them to build symmetrical with the pattern blocks??

  5. Your spin pic is upside down. That it? lmartin@rcsd.ms

  6. Your crazy mix-up is that your spin, read, color, count, write, tally picture is upside down! I would love to have this unit for free!!


  7. spin, read, color, count, write, tally! upside-down photo!
    Hangin' with Mrs. Cooper

  8. Your chilly counting pic is upside down!!! It's nice to be reminded that we are not always perfect from your *crazy* mix-up :) Love all of your amazing ideas.

  9. These activities are GREAT! I wish I taught kindergarten :) I'm going to try to use some them with my low students :) Thanks for sharing :)

    Lisa :)
    Made In The Shade In Second Grade

  10. I know I am not the first to post about the upside down picture, but I still want to let you now how much my class is learning and enjoying your frosty fun unit! You have really changed my Centers. Thanks

  11. Is it your "Rolling In A Winter Wonderland" activity that the little one is doing in the picture but she's actually using a spinner and not a die or dice?


  12. Is it on the clothesline picture where the #13 pants are matched with the 12 dots on the sweater??? iflewthecoop@att.net

  13. Okay Julie were you just simply asking us (or perhaps trying to be sly) to name your "crazy" activity, "Chilly Counting?". The suspense is killin' me! Lol. :-)


  14. I just bought your unit! Can I tell you that you are a genius!! :-) I love how you run things on colored paper....what a great idea! I am curious...do you run the copies on construction paper or colored copy paper/card stock?
    Live Love Laugh Everyday In Kindergarten

  15. Let me start by saying that I think your ideas are adorable!! You wrote that you will be posting a penguins unit and I was hoping you could tell me when that would be?? We will be learning about penguins this week (after mlk) and I would love to use your unit!! Thanks!!

  16. When will you be posting a Valentine's Day Unit? I would Love to go on and get it downloaded and prepared for February? Please let me know if you will even be posting a V-Day Unit at krschaefer@baschools.org

  17. Hi. I love the matching numbers on the pants and shirts! Do you happen to have that available as a download?

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  19. Do you have the pants and shirt counting activity available yet? Love the activity!


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