Saturday, February 18, 2012

Last Call...

Last call for Dahall and Mrs. Grennon's Beach Buddies for the community helpers giveaway.  I will choose 2 new winners tomorrow if I have not heard back from you two.  :)


  1. They are so lucky to have won your unit! Your work is fabulous!


  2. You have such an awesome blog with great ideas! I'm your newest follower. I hope you'll swing by blog and start following:) I have a phonic freebie:)

  3. Can I pretend to be one of them so I can get it? Love your stuff.

  4. I love your site! You are a very creative!

  5. I would love to win!!!! Hopefully next time I will see it in time to get my name in there to win!!

    Question, did you get my email?? If you did and just haven't had a chance to get back to me, that is fine. I just wanted to see if you got the email.

    Thank you for all of these wonderful activities. Myself and my students love them all!!!

  6. I think it is Mrs. Glennon's Beach Buddies??? Are you looking for me?


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