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Tuesday, September 24, 2013

Stuff...Pictures and Ideas!

This post is kind of a mish-mash of stuff.  The pictures in this post don't really go together...just a little of what we've been doing lately.  

We are using Abby's RTI packs during intervention along with my Intervention  Notebook.
I'm lovin' it so far!  

 How do you do your class name chart?  We use this several ways.  We have studied our names up and down and in between...I refer to this chart SO much during whole group lessons.  Do you sing If Your Name Has the Letter by Shari Sloane?  It's on her Get Ready CD and we love it.  This chart really helps us out on that song!  :)

I had a Duh moment this year!  I know every single one of you must do this, but I made pictures of my kiddos and printed them out really small.  I laminated them and then taped each child's face to the first letter in their name.  AH!  They love seeing their face on and their friends faces on the letters!

We made these cute little crayon people from Cara at The First Grade Parade a few weeks ago!  They are hanging in our classroom and they make our room so bright and cheery!  You can find this activity HERE.

I am making myself MAKE time for interactive charts this year.  I've always loved doing them, but sometimes I let other things get in the way and push them to the side.  I love how Cara suggests to put them in the reading center once you've made the chart and practiced reading it.  She talks a little about predictable charts HERE.
My kids are loving reading these in our reading loft!  
I added face pictures to the end of each sentence.  :)

Here's our first Hands-On Alphabet Journal page from my new pack.  They seem to love it so far!  
They marshmallow painted the Mm's if you're wondering what the purple paint has to do with the letter Mm.  :)  I'm excited to have this new center each week!

And...one of my favorite activities that we do ALL year long!  Our little "mini me's".  
You can find the directions to this in my All About Me unit.

Thanks for reading!!  


  1. I love the pictures on the alpha cards!

  2. The pictures on the alphabet cards is BRILLIANT!

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  4. great idea with the pictures on the alphabet cards-going to do this even backing up (and reviewing with the ones I have already done. I also just created an "I am, I can...." class book that they each wrote a page and illustrated. They were so proud when I read it to them today! Great ideas!

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