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Tuesday, February 3, 2015

Write Your Heart Out!!!

I've had many requests to write a blog post on how I run my writing center.  As you can see by some of the pictures, I've been meaning to post this since October...well that didn't go so well.  But, I was able to snap a few more pictures of our writing center in action since then so here we go.
You can find August/September Here.

I totally revamped my writing center before the year started.  It was in need of a major overhaul.  My writing center has always suffered a little because honestly I didn't have what I needed or wanted to keep my students engaged and busy the whole time.  I'm embarrassed to say that they usually ended up just doodling or coloring and not actually practicing writing.  Sad, but true.

I knew some things that I wanted my students to be doing there, but just didn't have to materials to get it going.  So, I created my Write your Heart Out monthly units.  
Here's the jewelry holder writing rings holder that hangs in my writing center.  TJ Maxx Score!
Each  month I switch out the rings to go with each activity.  The only rings that stay are the basics which are alphabets, colors, shapes, etc.  Each ring is organized thematically.

Each week my students have the option of making an alphabet letter book.
I have all kinds of letter stickers that they can choose from to put on the cover.
The kids like it because it's quick and easy and fun!  Then, they can do more!

Sometimes my units have thematic puzzles of some sort and this one is in January.  They loved this one!
 January rings...
And, this is a labeling sheet that is in each month to match each theme.
The kids simply find the ring of words, and label the pictures.

Do you want to build a snowman labeling...Um, this may or may not have prompted a Frozen sing along competition.
 I honestly think this is one of their favorite writing center activities!  
I run out of copies of these flip books every week!
These began in October and they fell in love.  They are super fun to make and write in!

 There is a Make a List option too for each theme.  

 This little craft is in the November pack along with these little I am thankful cards.
The kids enjoyed these because they could pick and choose and make them personal.
And, another craft from October.  This was S is for...and they had to pick and choose "S" words.
 Here's another puzzle activity.  :)  Always need to practice CVC.
 Something else my kids like are these Sound Superhero cards.  They have to use beginning sounds to figure out how to spell each word for the picture.  It's interesting.
If you have my Brown Bear activity you have some color word versions of this same activity...so I though why not bring it back!  Oldies are goodies right?!?!
 Counting and writing!
 Here's another activity.  Notice how pretty much every activity is based around the writing rings.  
So many options!

So, hopefully if you have my writing units this helps a little to see it in action.  If you don't have any of them I would like to give you an opportunity to win one of your choice!!  
Just leave a comment below this post telling me what you'd like to try and don't forget to leave your E-MAIL address.  
I'll choose a winner...or two tomorrow night!  
If you already own one, go ahead a comment too telling me what you like about it and you could win another one!


  1. Looks like so much fun! Everything you do is so precious!

    1. Your comments always make my day! <3 you Amy!

  2. I am loving your writing units! Thanks for helping me breathe new life into my writing center. I can't wait for your next one! :)

  3. This looks great! I could really use this! Fingers crossed! dnhabc123@comcast.net

  4. Love all these great ideas! Especially the mini letter books and the words on the rings on the jewelry holder is just brilliant! Thanks for all the great ideas :) jadan79@gmail.com

  5. HI! love these, I would really love to use these in my writing center, I am a first year teacher and I have just had the toughest time this year learning the ropes, I think this could really help my kiddos stay engaged and give them a boost in writing! THank you for this post and the ideas! jessicalbrickey@gmail.com

  6. I would love this unit for sure! I drooled a bit looking over your pictures...I think I would put the Sound Superhero activities to good use right away! Thanks so much for posting! gjordan925@gmail.com

  7. What a wonderful differentiated and engaging writing center! I have been teaching 15 years, but have recently started revamping the way I do everything! These look fabulous! I especially love the sound superhero activities and the thematic flip books! kids would love these so much!! valdemorest@hotmail.com

  8. I love all of this, especially the mini books! They are so adorable and full of fun leaning! I'm new to K, having taught the last three years in 3rd grade. It's been a big transition and I'm working on building up some new resources! You're blog has gotten me through many a weeks so far! :) fingers crossed! cbarrett@yorktown.k12.in.us

  9. Thanks for sharing all of these great ideas! I just inherited a K room yesterday, and the CVC puzzles, word rings, labeling, and letter writing booklets would be just the challenges I need to make the teacher center and writing centers fun, engaging, and educational! I love the new ideas!


  10. I love your writing center setup. I would put one of your units to great use. I am a first year kinder teacher and love any helpful tips I can get. elizabeth_frautschy@hotmail.com

  11. Wow these are just awesome Julie! I love how many different types of writing you utilize. From labeling to lists and so much more! I can see my students really benefiting from these units! I'm sure they would go crazy over the superheroes and they certainly need extra practice on beginning sounds while others can benefit from CVC practice. I'm truly in awe of how creative you are.


  12. I love your blog! Thank you for all you do and share with the education world! I would love to try the flip book in my writing center, but everything looks awesome!

  13. My writing center needs an overhaul, too! This would be just the kickstart we need :) jennifer.taylor@grasslakeschools.com

  14. Oh, please, pick me! I would love to boost me writing center and I have some unmotivated writers this year. This looks like the answer!

  15. I would be happy to win any product by you! I really like the Sound Superhero! :)

  16. I love the flip book idea!
    Llburmeister @msn.com

  17. Such great and creative ideas- being a second year kindergarten teacher I have gotten so many great ways to be creative with kindergarten from you!! Thanks! :)

  18. Everything you do is so great. You are inspiring. I love the Mini Letter Books. I teach preschool and they look perfect for my kiddos. Having the letter rings is a great idea. Do you sell those?

  19. Sorry! Forgot to add my email. Shellilagh1@yahoo.com

  20. I love the flip book idea and the spell it snowman. Love the blog so amazing!

  21. love this idea! these would be perfect for my room!

  22. I would love to try your winter write it center activities... I like the sentence writing act... "gather firewood"... Love it. :)

  23. Love the alphabet mini books. Thanks for sharing.

  24. It all looks like so much fun! I would live to use the CVC activities in my classroom! I think my kids would love it! Thanks!

  25. How fun! I would love to try the flip books and CVC word puzzles with my students!
    Kari :)

  26. Now, that's a lot of work! Good for you!! I love all your things, and have many, but not nearly enough. :) Thanks for sharing. Dmarie1014@yahoo.com

  27. Oh...I do need these! My kids are doing too much drawing too! I love all the options you give. Thanks for the chance!! lbettis@everestkc.net

  28. Wow, these look so great!!! My kids love the writing center in my classroom, and this would be a major added plus if I had this resource!! They would LOVE it!!! All of them look amazing, but if I can only choose 1, I would love the January pack. Even though January is over, I can still use it for the rest of the winter season, and then again ALL of next year's season, starting in December. Thanks for such a great and informative post:-) rrosario620@optonline.net

  29. All of these activities look awesome. If I had to choose, I really like most the flip books and the thematic puzzles! Thanks for your hard work!! Terps17@yahoo.com

  30. We are currently using the January pack. My students are loving it! Do you put everything out in the center and let your students choose or do you choose? Thanks!!

  31. I haven't used any of these packets. I'm fairly new to all of this. I would LOVE any of them, but if I have to choose...December! Thank you!

  32. I'm SO excited! Thanks so much!!

  33. Julie...these look amazing. My kinders would love them.Will you be creating new ones for the upcoming months? Also, will you be bundling them for purchase on TpT?

  34. I love these writing activities. It seems like the rings really inspire the children to write! JLowery@henry.12.va.us

  35. Love your writing ideas, especially the word rings and cute set up. If I can't find a jewelry holder, maybe I can use a piece of pegboard. I'm going to look at your other products!

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  37. I love these! Will you be making March, April, and May/June soon? I would love to purchase the whole bundle!

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