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Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa and his Reindeer week

This has been another fun week.  I just LOVE Christmas time and all the things that go with it.  This week we did our Santa and reindeer activities and centers.  I'm posting pictures of our fun times and of course, learning!!  

feed the reindeer game (game from Mrs. Estes)

For teacher friends reading this, I found these cute reindeer buckets in the $1.00 section at Target

ordering Santa's reindeer as we draw a number our of a stocking

Reading number words to find the number on Santa's beard

Rhyming reindeer

We drew objects out of Santa's hat then had to find it's matching rhyming picture
and dot it with a bingo dotter.

We had to match picture stamps to letters on Santa's beard for the beginning sound.

We got to wear reindeer antlers for write the room this week.

At this center we practiced recognizing coins by rolling the cube and shopping for Santa's suit.  (idea from Mrs. Estes)

the finished product

At this center, they had to choose a stocking, count what was inside and write the number on the matching stocking.

At this center, we are practicing recognizing the dots on the die without having to count.
We rolled a die, and found the number on the sample Rudolph to see which part we got.
The object was to complete Rudolph.

For this game, we labeled a blow up Santa from the Dollar Tree and then recorded what we did on the paper.


  1. I love the Shop for Santa's Suit! Did you make your own or did Mrs. Estes help you? I would love to know how to make one or get one!

  2. Thanks for all the great ideas! Where do you get your worksheets/recording sheets? I would love to have a copy! :)

  3. LOVE LOVE LOVE your ideas and pictures! Your blog is awesome!!!! Would you mind sharing your recording sheets? I would LOVE to have copies to use with my students so they can have tons of fun learning as well!. My email is cja1st@gmail.com
    Thank you, Thank you!!!!

  4. This is a great site!! I love the ideas, pictures and the recording sheets! Did you purchase these from downloads from DJ Inkers or did you create them yourself? Would you be willing to share? I would love to get a copy to use in my classroom!!
    Thank you so much!

  5. Plants seeds of knowledge, Mrs. Estes gave me a copy of the recording sheet. I'm sure she would share. Just visit her blog and ask! :) I linked her under my post. I'm sure you could just find clipart in Microsoft Word and make one.

  6. Jamieuteach, I make most of my sheets/games myself using the djinkers clipart. I sent you copies. Thanks!

  7. Hi Julie!

    WOW! Fantastic ideas!!! Are you willing to share? Thanks SO much!


    Amy :-)

  8. If you are willing to share I would love copies. ratsass@frontiernet.net

  9. Thank you so much for posting pictures and sharing your ideas---it always re-energizes me with fresh things to try (especially in centers). If you are willing to share any of your 'printables', I would love to have some...my email is beachliesl@yahoo.com

    I've tried making some of the ideas you've shared, but they don't turn out nearly as cute! :)

    Thanks again for sharing!


  10. Please,Please send me copies of learning centers. Mine are so boring in compared to yours.


  11. These are all great ideas! I would love copies!

  12. Very cute center ideas! I would love copies as well! roden26@gmail.com

  13. I love your ideas! I would love a copy. I am always trying to come up with new ideas.


  14. Can I get copies of these too PLEASE??
    Thank you!

  15. Can I please get copies of these as well. pomes2001@aol.com

  16. Any Christmas items you would be willing to share would be awesome!!! I hope one day I figure out how to get everything done AND do cute stuff like your blog!!!


  17. If you are sharing these copies I would love a copy. Do not see them on TPT site.


  18. I would love a copy of your wonderful Christmas activities.


  19. Can you send me copies of your wonderful ideas?!


  20. Would love a copy of the shop for santas suit activity.


  21. I would love love love a copy of your Christmas centers (especially buying santa's suit). You have done an amazing job of correlating the holidays in your centers. If you are willing to share, I would be do appreciative. My email address is dsmmharris@yahoo.com

  22. I too would love copies of these fab ideas!


  23. I love your ideas. You are truly Amazing!! I would love copies of your Reindeer Santa week if you don't mind sharing. My email address is aekitchen@windstream.net

  24. Thanks so much for sharing these great ideas. If you are still sharing your templates, I would love a copy. My email address is le.stephanie.416@gmail.com. Cheers!

  25. Would love to use your ideas in my classroom! These activities are super awesome!! Can you send me some of them please! My email is jonesashlee06@gmail.com

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