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Tuesday, May 8, 2012

Dinosaurs & Ocean

Okay, so I'm way behind on posting the other part of my Dino-Riffic Fun centers...these we did 2 weeks ago and are included in my little DinoFun pack.  Last week and this week we are doing Oceans...one of my faves, I think!  I'm desperately working on the ocean pack and HOPE to have it posted tonight!  And, I will put it on sale for a couple of days since I was behind in getting it posted.  We only have 15 days of KINDER left...I'm so ready for summer even though I will miss my little ones.  

counting to 30

We've been doing these for a while and they are really understanding ...yay!

Greater than/less than

This a challenging for a *few*, but they did really good with it for the most part

adding...this was neat

Love that they have to listen for 2 sounds in one picture...it really helps them stretch out the word

My kiddos are getting so good at reading these harder words...

They always LOVE patterns even though they are so good at it...I like to throw them in when I can

And, they love to search the room too for words...anything to get them reading right?

Hope everyone is having a WONDERFUL teacher appreciation week so far and hope you are feeling appreciated!  
Thanks, as always, for visiting my little corner in blogland!  
I appreciate YOU!  

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  1. You are spectacular! how are you feeling??


    1. Thanks girl! Feeling much better thanks for asking! The hunger has kicked in though! :)

  2. Looks like a great review for the end of the kinder year. Congratulations on 15 more days left of kinder! Do you have any fun summer plans?

    Sprinkle Teaching Magic

  3. All fun ideas. Thanks for sharing, Renee

  4. My kinderkids and I are having fun using these dinosaur activities in my classroom. I love your center activities, as they are easy for me to prep some fun independent learning activities for my students. Enjoy the rest of your school year!


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