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Monday, June 25, 2012

Center Banners How To

Hey y'all!  My summer is fabulous so far!  But, it's soooooo HOT!  Oh my stars!  However, I kinda feel like it's just getting started...we went to the beach, then had VBS, then swimming lessons so it's been crazy so far.  BUT, I wouldn't change it...so fun!  Anywho, I've had tons of questions about how I made the cute little banners that head up each station in my classroom from last year.  Thought I'd do a quick little post about them.  You can see samples of them in the pictures below!  :)

1. Decide on a color scheme for your banners.
2. Gather heavy cardstock, scrapbook paper, bulletin board letters, permanent double stick tape, hole reinforcers, hole punch, lots of ribbon, and scissors.
3.  Cut an 8 inch circle from the cardstock.  (Tip: find a lid about that size and trace and cut)
4.  Cut a 6.5 inch circle from scrapbook paper  (use same tip as above)
5. Purchase bulletin board letters from a teacher supply store OR die-cut letters from your school out of heavy cardstock.  (Choose your letter color carefully so it will show up well)
6.  Use double-sided tape to attach the small circles and letters to the large circle.  Don't be shy with your tape.  It does stick very well though.  Use SCOTCH brand....don't even try generic...doesn't hold well!  Trust me...been there done that!
7.  Use a hole puncher to punch holes on the sides of each large circle only. 
8.  Place a hole reinforcer around each punched hole to keep it from tearing.
9.  Lay your circles out on the floor in a line the way you will tie them together.  
10.  Cut LOTS of ribbons in about a 10-12 in length.  
11.  Double up your ribbons for extra cuteness...run the ribbons through the holes to tie 2 circles together.  Tie in a double knot.  Don't forget the ends too!  
12.  Voila!  You have an adorable banner for anything you can think of!  I make these for my girls birthday parties too!  

I hope this helps!  I would be happy to put some on tpt if any of you'd like.  Let me know!  :)  Happy crafting.

Is there anything special you would like me to post on this summer?


  1. Thanks! love your banners and your helpful instructions. I would love to know your plans for creating units. I was wondering what units you might create next.
    Thanks! Enjoy those kids!

  2. I LOVE those banners!! I am pinning it right now. So so cute!! Thanks for the tutorial!

    Learning Is Something to Treasure

  3. Your classroom is awesome! I am so jealous of the loft area! :)

    Jen's Kinder Kids

  4. Thanks for sharing how to make these darling banners! Have you ever laminated these before the hole punching/ribboning?
    I would love to know how you fit everything in/pacing:)
    Thanks for sharing!

    1. I haven't tried laminating them...I kinda thought it would take away from the "homemade" look of it...but it may work great. :) Every one that I've made have held up so well. :) I will work on a post with fitting everything in soon. :) Thanks for the suggestion.

  5. This is really cute! I love it. I made something similar and will post it soon. Oh and I'm doing a giveaway soon so make sure you follow!

    Kate :)

  6. I am uber jealous of your loft. I am desperate for one in my classroom. It's on my wish list for sure!!!

    I'm your newest follower!! Thanks for all the great ideas! I hope you'll check out my "manly" teaching blog!

    Smedley's Smorgasboard of Kindergarten

  7. Those banners are adorable!!!
    I wanted to invite you over to my site! I've got some great resources that I just posted and I know you would love to have them for your little ones....there's going to be a giveaway EVERY Day for the next 5 days!! WooHoo!!

    1...2...3...Teach With Me

  8. Cute! I love your bright colors.



  9. Those banners are eye catching, they allow more children to read very well.

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