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Thursday, February 14, 2013

Intervention and Valentines

I just love working with my little intervention group every morning. I snapped a couple of pics this morning to show you a little of what we do.  

These are our blending strips...I have several versions in my January Intervention Packet.
And, they love the little witch finger pointers!  :)

For this activity, I call out 2 sounds together like /ma/.  Then, they write the sounds down.  Today we did sounds with /a/ at the end.  

These are the little dry erase paddles from Target dollar spot.  We did NOT use the markers that came with them...they leave yucky black streaks!  In the trash went the markers and out came the EXPO's.  :)

Last, I updated my Happy Hearts Valentine unit and added these 6 new centers.  Mostly math to align more closely with common core.  If you own my unit go grab the updated version!  :)

I have these games throughout several of my units where the sight words are mixed up.  This is difficult for a lot of my students so we do it often to practice.  I think it's important for students to try to picture the word and arrange the letters in the correct order.  

Do you have a set aside intervention time each day?  What do you do that really helps your struggling students?
Happy Valentines Day!!


  1. hi julie,
    i use your things of course....and this year i found the Hello Two Peas in a Pod Phonological Awareness Curriculum on TPT...I LOVE IT! I have purchased all the ones she and her partner have written. In Texas we have TPRI instead of dibels....it has basically the same type of tests you give...except we are not timing kids in ours and we don't use nonsense words for tests at all. We have tutorial time built into our day and then we have ELL time (or low kids can come here too) at the end of the day for 30-45 minutes. I have been using the packets i bought (yours at the beginning of the year til now in the mornings...and the Hello Phonological Awareness packets in the afternoon. The children really like the PA stuff....there is always a book connection (on the part with vocabulary and reading a sentence and children counting how many words)....but it is easy to use. I printed it out for our para to use with those students that need this extra practice. The authors promise kids will improve easily and quickly...and so far i see it in my students.
    i have purchased RTI packets from babbling Abby as well...but my students ended up being past most of those skills....when i got around to using it....so it is there when i need it.
    We have super duper time constraints on our day. We must have 60 min of reading, 60 of LA and 60 of math...along with 45 min (daily) of Science and 30 min (daily) of social studies...which is very difficult...so the tutorial time is heaven sent with my young ones this year. check out the PA from Hello Two Peas in a Pod...you will like it too.

  2. Sounds interesting. I 'll try to attend it. Looks like you are a specialist on this because you just made it so easy to be with you, motivated me to learn more on the subject!
    Pre Primary

  3. We have a mandatory 30 minute RTI time each day in our county. For struggling, on level, and enrichment. Our 4 teachers each take a level and work with the skills needed. For our strugglers, we are pretty much doing the same things you are. Lots of fun activities with begin, mid, end sounds; elkonen boxes for hearing sounds, blends, cvc and nonsense words, sight words, you name it. Whatever gets them playing and manipulating sounds to practice reading/writing skills. We have explained to our kiddos that if you can segment words, you can write and that if you can blend sounds, you can read. Then you have to work on understanding what you read. That's where all our reading strategies come in during Shared and Guided Reading. It is making a HUGE difference this year. So hopefully if we continue, we will have all our little ones with no preschool or pre-reading experience where they need to be by the end of the school year! Keeping our fingers crossed!

  4. I love the Happy Hearts update! Thank you so much. Perfect for where we are with the new standards.

  5. Your hearts unit looks amazing!!!!

  6. What a FUN day!! We are STILL doing our Valentine math stuff:)
    The Moffatt Girls

  7. I love those whiteboard paddles! I'm hoping the Target here carries them! Thank you for sharing your fun ideas!
    Science for Kids Blog

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