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Saturday, February 7, 2015

Penguins, Penguins!! Lots of Pics!!

I think most of us as teachers teach a unit on penguins, but if you haven't you really need to!!  They are so interesting and there's a ton of fun things you can do to make learning meaningful and fun!!

First we start off with a learning chart to record our schema and our new learning.  I saw Deanna's HERE and had to do one.  :)
We also made a can have are chart after reading several non-fiction books about penguins.
 Then, we made these adorable penguins I saw HERE.
and added our very own can have are papers so our parents would know what we've learned about penguins.
 Um, they look adorable hanging outside in the hall!
Ok, y'all this had to be the most fun thing we did all week!!
We learned in one of our books that penguins find their mates and parents by sounds.
We talked about how penguins pretty much all look the same so they need a way to find each other.
So, I grabbed the sound tub from our library.  It had all kinds of noise makers.
I asked the kids if they remembered how penguins find their mates/parents and they said my noise.  Next, I let the girls come up and choose an instrument.  I had the boys do the same.  Then, they had to make their sound and find their partner.  Y'all, they loved it!  The fun doesn't stop there.  Next, I had the boys choose an instrument from the tub and find a spot to hide in around the room.  The girls had to get an instrument too then they had to walk around the room to find their partner ONLY by sound.  NO talking was allowed.  LAST, I turned out the lights and we did the same thing.  
They begged and begged all week to play again and again!  

We learned how Emperor penguins keep their eggs on their feet to take care of them so we practiced doing this by walking with an egg (football) on our feet (or in between our legs).
We played two at a time and when.  When they made it to me they got some krill...gummy worms.

 We also practiced huddling in groups to stay warm just like penguins!

 I've always wanted to do the Blubber Mitten...we did it!  The kids adored this activity and oh so meaningful to show them how blubber really acts like a blanket!
We learned in Gail Gibbons Penguin Book that a penguin's feathers are waterproof.
 I saw this really cool waterproof experiment HERE at The Freckled Homeschooler.
I just die-cut these penguins from black construction paper and had the kids color the entire penguin with a black crayon.  When they thought they were finished I told them to keep coloring.  
Next, we went back in our text and found the page where it talked about waterproof & re-read the page.  I gave each table a cup of water and a paintbrush.  They had to dip the brush and shake the water on their penguin.  Then, hold it up and watch how the water falls right off the penguin.  
Amazed?!?!  Yes, they couldn't believe it.  They wanted to keep shaking and shaking...and I'll just say we may or may not have busted out Shake it Off by Taylor Swift.   HA!

 In art center each child painted a penguin.  After they dried we used them for some life-size subtraction stories.  I quickly whipped up this iceberg and water from some butcher paper and cut off the tops...chopped up some construction paper for our symbols and we went to town.  I made up penguin stories about penguins from the iceberg jumping into the water.  It was very dramatic with all kinds of sound effects.  ;)  So engaging and SO FUN!!

 I just had to make these this year!  I tell ya, so adorable!  My kids just laughed and laughed at them.  
I saw these all over the internet and I think they came from HERE at A Year of Many Firsts.
We wrote about our pictures and about snow.

These say
"I like the snow on Christmas night"
"I like snow.  I roll snow into a snowman.  I play in the snow."
 These say
"I like to catch snowflakes on my tongue."
"Some boys and girls catch snowflakes on their tongue."
 These say
"All snowflakes are different.  I like snow."
"I see the snow."
"I like snowflakes.  I catch them on my tongue."
You can tell by their writing that they are on all different kind of levels, but I love what they each come up with!
And, finally here's MORE centers from my Wintertastic Fun Unit that is brand new this winter!

If you made it all to the bottom Wow!!  
This was a really long post, but I hope you found something you can use in your own classroom!!
I would love to hear from you below!


  1. I LOVE that subtraction idea with the ice berg and the water!! So so fun!!!

  2. I am a middle school teacher seriously contemplating a change to lower grades, specifically kindergarten and first. I found your blog in my research to figure out if that's the right fit for me (while I love my m.s. kids, it is really not feeling right). If I wasn't already seriously interested, this post alone would have gotten me psyched. Your enthusiasm and creativity are palpable.

    1. That is the sweetest thing I've ever heard! If you like this post then I think you'd love the younger ones! There's so many fun things you can do!

  3. Looks like a lot of fun was had in your class with pensions! As usual, thanks for posting and keeping me inspired! Keep up the great work!


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