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Tuesday, February 24, 2015

Super Sale and Silly Centers!!

Can't wait to clear some things from my wish list during the TPT sale!!  
Finally, I wanted to share with you what we will be diving into next week.  Silly Centers!  These are so fun, and just plain silly!  If you don't have anything planned you may want to snag these during the sale.  And, if you're in the shopping mood here's a few other things that we will be working on in my classroom coming up in the next few weeks.  :)

So.....I love to hang "stuff" from my ceiling that goes along with our centers.
This week, we have these cute little balloons floating...
and, this is where they get their addition sentence.

Still working hard on subtraction...I totally forgot the Goldfish Crackers that we were supposed to use with this game...so we used the trusty ol' unifix cubes.
Math & Literacy integrated into one center!  Ding!
Were the number sequences in the correct order?  Well, they had to record in the yes/no boxes to let me know.  :)
They had a fit over this one...not sure why, but they loved matching the candles to the cupcakes.  Notice the candles are white...this was not a self-correcting game.  At this point in the year, they really have to know their "stuff" or figure it out by using resources in our room.  
This is about the time of year that I really have my students begin practicing reading sight word phrases...they did really well.  They had to read 12 phrases and color code their dots, but they chose only 6 to record.
Word families...
Beginning and Ending Sounds...
Real/Nonsense Words


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