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Wednesday, September 21, 2011

A Funny and A Freebie

Hello Friends and Happy Wednesday!  
I have to share a "funny" with you all.  My student teacher, Mrs. Wood, is sitting at the rug with our kids and I think one of the kids asks what time it is or something, and she says, "Time for Literacy."  Without hesitation of our little ones screams "Hey, I know what that is", (in the most country voice you will ever hear from a 5 year old)..."that's when somebody throws garbage on the ground and doesn't pick it up!"

Her reply?  "Yes, a "LITTERER" is someone who throws down trash without picking it up".  

OMGosh!!  Soooooooo funny those little ones!  How can you NOT love kindergarten?!?

I am throwing in a FREEBIE for all of you who do a "Teddy" unit with your kiddos.

P.S.  Let me know if you snag it...makes my heart smile!

Coming up...MONSTERS

Teddy Bear Exploration


  1. So cute! Thank you for all of your wonderful ideas!

  2. This week our theme is Bears! We are LOVING your Brown Bear unit. This is wonderful--thank you!

  3. Thanks for the freebie - useful and cute! I am going to do a bear unit later in the fall and this will come in handy I'm sure!

    Jennifer @ Herding Kats In Kindergarten

  4. Too cute of a story!! I am enjoying your Chicka Chicka Boom Boom unit this week. We are doing monsters in a couple of weeks, so I am excited to see what you do!! I know it will be amazing!!

  5. Thanks for sharing! My class went on a hospital tour last week. At the x-ray dept. they showed them a chest x-ray and pointed out the ribs. One of my kinders says "Hey I eat ribs!" I couldn't quit giggling! Gotta love it! ;)


  6. OMG! My kiddos are bringing there bears in tomorrow for our "bear share"!!!! I have to squeeze this in somewhere!!! Love it!! I'm kind of obsessed with your blog right now!;) LOL! Thanks for all of your amazingness!!!!;)
    Little Warriors

  7. Cute worksheet. I can't wait for the monster one!
    Thanks for sharing, definitely doing this with the little ones.

  8. So cute!! And way to go student teacher for not missing a beat on that one :)

    Thanks for sharing the teddy bear page!!

  9. Cute cute!! I'm jumbling up my units a bit and Tt is falling with Life in An Ocean since our goldfish and guppies come that week. Not sure if I'll have time for teddies! :( I'm gonna try though! Maybe fun friday!! :)

  10. So cute! Thanks for sharing Julie!

  11. Thank you! I teach preK and we do a unit with our "Stuffed Buddies" in the winter. I think I can use this even if they bring a different animal other than a teddy! Its just too cute to pass up! Thanks for this A-Mazing blog! I use your stuff ALOT and am so grateful!!

  12. thanks so much. just downloaded it & some of your other awesome freebies. some of the items i wanted were in the archives or something...couldn't dowload them-the apple investigation & brown bear sorting. Would love those & would be willing to pay you for them but didn't necessarily just want to pay scribd for some reason. let me know!!

  13. We're celebrating Hug a Bear Day on November 7th. This is going to be PERFECT!!! So glad I found it!

  14. are your files available as pdfs on this blog, rather than scribed?>

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