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Tuesday, November 23, 2010

Symmetry Turkeys

I forgot to post pics of our symmetry turkeys in our Thanksgiving post, but I just had to.  They turned out so cute.  What a great job the kiddos did on them.  Also, parents, your child will bring home a morning message one day.  Please take a moment to sit down and let your child tell you all about our morning message time.  Ask them about all of the "marks" and don't forget to ask who won!  

Monday, November 22, 2010

Native American Pow Wow and Program

I wanted to go ahead and post A FEW pictures from the pow and program, but I have LOTS more that will go on our end of the year DVD.  The pow wow is a great learning experience for our students where the Native Americans come and show the kids real artifacts, clothing, jewelry, weapons, and tools.  We concluded the day with a pow wow with dancing and drums.  So much FUN!

Turkey Games

We played some fun turkey games in our centers this week.  We had to match number words to sets of feathers, put feathers in number order, and match pictures to the word on the turkey.  These were a blast!

Squanto and I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie

We read the story I Know an Old Lady Who Swallowed a Pie and then practiced sequencing the things she ate.  What a cute story!

We also learned how Squanto taught the pilgrims how to plant corn and that he used fish as fertilizer.  We planted our own corn, except we used oreos for the dirt, gold fish crackers for the fish, and candy corn for the corn.  Yum!

Tuesday, November 9, 2010

Symmetry Indians

We made a larger version of the TLC indian and added a symmetrical design to his shirt.  The kiddos have really caught on to symmetry so they loved creating their own designs.  We also added a fact.  Check out a few of them below!

Indians, Pilgrims, and Turkeys, Oh My!

We are having so much fun learning about the Pilgrims coming to America and the Native Americans being friendly to the Pilgrims.  I wanted to go ahead and post a few things that are going on instead of waiting until Thanksgiving Break.  Your child will bring home a Thanksgiving Fact Book.  Please take a minute to sit down and read the book together.  

We are learning to read and write our number words and this gave us some practice.  We used the poem 10 Little Indian Boys.

This month we also are learning about fractions.  We made these cute fraction indians.

During small groups we matched letters for beginning sounds to the pictures on our turkey's feathers.

We rolled a cube to see who could make a pumpkin pie for Thanksgiving Dinner first.
They had listen for the beginning sound to know where to place their ingredients.

They chose an object out of the bucket and found the letter that matched the beginning sound.  Then, they bingo dotted that letter on their paper.

They rolled the die, wrote the number and drew that many feathers.

I got this idea called "Pluck the Feathers" from a friend, Mrs. Estes.  The children use a timer to see how many feathers they can pluck.  After they count, they record that number on their paper.

Since we are learning our number words, they had to match the pilgrim's number to the number word.  Next, they found the number on their paper (they are mixed up) wrote the number word, and colored it to match.

We filled our cornucopia with nutritious fruits and veggies, but we had to match the picture to the word using beginning sounds, and then we had to count and write the number.  Math and Literacy in one!

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