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Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Let this summer be a YES summer!

First, let me say that this has nothing to do with kindergarten or education, but everything to do with being a mommy.  

I reflect a lot.  Like, I reflect on everything I do, everything I say, everything I may do, or may say, or could do, or could say.  

Upon reflecting, I feel like I'm always telling my kids "no".  Let me explain.  Should my kids be told no?  Absolutely!  I'm not talking about things that are concerning to their health or safety.  I'm talking about things that matter a lot to a child, but maybe not so much to an adult.  For example:

  • Kids: Can I have sprinkles on my pancakes?  Me: No, pancakes don't need any added sugar.
  • Kids: Can we have game night tonight?  Me: Um, I don't know...I'll probably be doing laundry.
  • Kids: Will you play ball with me?  Me: But, it's sooooooo hot outside.
I know there are million and one blog posts and articles out there like this.  But, I don't want to be the mom that looks back and says, "Man, they grew up right before me and, I said no.  I didn't let them be little.  I didn't play ball with them or let them eat sprinkles on their pancakes for crying out loud."  I mean, who cares.

Life can change in an instant.  I want my kids to have memories of me saying yes.  
  • Yes, you can have a friend to sleep over.
  • Yes, you can stay up a few more minutes.
  • Yes, go ahead and drink that Mountain Dew.
  • Yes, keep playing.  A little rain won't hurt.
  • Yes, I'll hold you.  
I know every family is different and that's great.  Find things that fit your family's lifestyle and say yes.  Even if you don't have kids, say yes to your husband or wife, or grandkids, or nieces and nephews.  Say yes to things that will impact a life, things that will make a memory, things that matter.

I know I'm trying hard to think before the word no just spills out of my mouth.  Sure, I'll have moments...we all do right?  But, I'm writing this so I can reflect on what will make memories for my kids.  Trying not to sweat the small stuff.  

Use the good china.  Order dessert.  Spend your last dollars at the movies.

Live life.  Say yes.
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