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Thursday, March 15, 2012

Long Time, No Blog Post!

Hello Friends!  Y'all are the sweetest group of blog followers ever!  I've had so many e-mails from y'all checkin' on me...so here's the news; I'm expecting baby #3!!!!  And, boy, have I been sick!  So sick!  Yuck!  I'm so sorry that I haven't been able to post at all OR work on my newest units for tpt!  I promise when I'm feelin' better I will get all of the units you guys are asking for on there.  It may take me a while so I really hope you will check back at some point!  I've got some fun ideas and units that I'm dying to get my hands workin' on, but missy or mister just won't allow it at this time!  Hopefully soon though!  I would love to hear from you below!  Oh, and too, my camera died...yes...DIED!  Yikes.  What's a girl to do?
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