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Friday, August 30, 2013


Boy am I tired!  First full week is exhausting!  Thank goodness for a 3 day weekend.
Besides learning our rules and expectations & building our classroom community,   
we have been all over learning about colors and shapes this week.  Check out some of the fun things we did this week.  The shape ideas can be found in my Tip Top Shapes unit.  

Shape Shakes

Aren't these adorable?  I just love the way they turned out!
These were so fun!  First, they chose their favorite shape in their favorite color.  Girls got sprinkles (confetti) and boys got whipped cream (shaving cream and glue mixture). Everyone got a cherry for the top.

Shape Practice Pages

We will complete one of these for 11 colors.  I like these for so many reasons...tracing, writing, coloring, cutting on lines, & drawing skills.  By the time they do a few they get the hang of the basic skills and can focus on ordering the letters correctly to build the color word.  After doing 11 of them, they are pros!  I feel this gets my kinders in the "completing center work" mode.  These are in my Colors & Shapes with Brown Bear.

Last, we have been practicing, practicing, practicing basic skills.  This is great for those little ones who have never used glue before.  It's a great visual of how "using glue" should look.  My students love the "sparkly surprise" every time!  This can be found in my School's in Session unit.

Happy Weekend Friends!

Thursday, August 29, 2013

Little of This & That & Cute Ideas!

Well, I've almost survived the first FULL week of school!  I'm telling you....this girl is tired!  We've  managed to do lots of fun things this week and last.  I had a few pics I wanted to share with you from the past 2 weeks.  I also missed Teacher Tips during Teacher Week, so I've got 2 photos on tips too!

I'm so in love with these little Peacemaker People!!  I wanted to do an extra lesson on peacemaking this year so this is what I came up with.  We discussed, again, ways peacemakers act and do not act.  Then, we made this little cutie patootie craft!  Our sight words this week are I & am so this sentence was perfect to add to our people.

Here's what our hall display looks like!  

Every year we read The Kissing Hand and make these adorable Chester the Raccoons.  You can find this activity HERE.  Not only are they cute, but super easy for first week Kinders.  NO cutting...only gluing.  Firsties could easily do this alone.  :)

We are practicing our shapes with these pages this week during math baskets.  These can be found in my new unit Tip Top Shapes.

Do you remember the before of my frame?  Here's the finished product with a cute little Kinder inside!  :)  LOVE!

Teacher Tip #1:  Use a colored sharpie to write students' first letter in their name on name tags.  This helps them to realize where the beginning is (left), Uppercase at the beginning, & remember their letter faster.  

Teacher Tip #2: I always make several sheets of class names in the MINI address labels for the beginning of the year.  I always have so many students who are unable to write their name, and some that can write it, but is hard to read.  I use them for artwork or things I keep for their portfolios.  Of course, I always have them try to write it on the back, but labels are fast & cute for display.  I don't like when my students write their name on the front of artwork.  My rule is, Work-name on front; Art-name on back.

Tuesday, August 27, 2013

Classroom Digs! Finally!

I'm finally getting around to showing you my classroom!  I have been CRAZY busy just like every other teacher that has already started school.  It swamps me every year no matter how much I try to be prepared and ahead of the game.  I have some things I want to blog about so hopefully I can get back to blogging regularly *soon*!  :)

View from door

Closer view of tables

Front of room view

Here is our Super Star Work Board and where I hang student work
Also, our art center is here

View of reading loft and math tubs

Computer station and Word Wall

My teacher area...this is where I teach guided reading, small groups, and intervention groups
Love my new Family Tree hanging, BUT it crashed...yep...the whole thing fell off the wall so I've got to figure out another way to hang it!  AH!

My table stays so messy and just cluttered with everything that goes on during the day.  I'm attempting to keep my table cleanER this year and more organized.  I love that I can keep my calendar, teaching guides, and lesson plan notebook at my side so they are handy, but not all over my table.  I found this little dandy at Wal-Mart on the aisle where the hangers, ironing boards, etc are.

Whole group area and Calendar Board

I still love this reward system...I found this idea on Jessica Meacham's Blog several years ago.  

Close up of baskets between each table

This shelf houses my upper level literacy games.  It's also where my book cart and storytelling easel are.

 This is our new and improved ABC center where we will complete our Hands-On Alphabet Journal and do other fun ABC games.

And, these are our ABC spots where we line up when we are leaving the room.

Thanks for visiting!  

Monday, August 12, 2013

Let's Talk About Me {Teacher Week}

I'm excited to be part of Teacher Week 2013 this week!  Hopefully you can find out some things about me that you don't already by reading below.  I can't wait to read all the posts this week!  Come back each day and don't forget to link up at Blog Hoppin'!

1. I have an amazing family!  God has blessed me SO very much!  I have a wonderful husband and amazing daddy to our 3 beautiful children!  And, most of you probably know that I have an identical twin sister, Amy Hope.  I also have an older brother.  We have amazing parents that I can't say enough about!  

2.  I live in the South and don't like Sweet Tea.  I'm a Mt. Dew addict and this little drink below (Livewire) is my favorite, but we don't have it in Alabama.

3. I don't wear tennis shoes...ever!  Nope, I'm a flip-flop kinda girl until November then it's boots!

4. I {heart} Christian music...currently obsessed with Christy Nockels and Francesca Battistelli

5. I'm a total "Night Owl"!  I really love to stay up late, IF and only if I can sleep late!  If I can't, then I need at least 9 hours of sleep...10 would be ideal!

6. I secretly love "Good Luck Charlie"...who am I kidding...you might as well throw "Jessie" in there too...and let's don't forget "The Hive"!  Can you say Dork?  I live with 3 children...I don't have time for adult t.v.  I do record The Bachelor & Tia & Tamera.  

7. I don't go anywhere without earrings and eyeliner.

8. I'm obsessed with dressing my girls alike...here's a few examples.  It bothers me if their clothes do not match...for real!  They showed up at church one Sunday not dressed alike and my brother asked if I was sick!  I'll soon have to put my desires aside because my almost 7 year old is already rebelling at the clothes I pick out...Boo!  

9. I am a horrible decision maker.  I get this from my mother!  Where to eat?  Which color to buy?  Where to go?  I don't know...don't ask me!

10.  Likes & Dislikes:
Likes: the beach, pink, fall, Christmas, TJ Maxx, Vera Bradley, Brighton jewelry, DESSERT!
Dislikes:  exercising, mayonnaise, meat on the bone (yuck!), bugs, waiting at restaurants, & smoke!

Friday, August 9, 2013

Shape Unit Winners & Blog Hoppin's Teacher Week 2013

Hi friends!  I had these ready Wednesday night late and meant to post them yesterday, but life got in the way!  Congratulations to

Angela Urso & Susan Cordle!  I'm sending the shape unit your way!
Susan I need your e-mail address!  
E-mail me julielee5@live.com with your e-mail or I will choose another winner.

I'm so excited about Teacher Week 2013 next week!  I can't wait to read everyone's posts on these amazing topics!  Don't forget to link back up with your post each day over at BlogHoppin'.  You can read more about teacher week at BlogHoppin'.  You can grab these buttons below to include in your post.  You can Thank Amy Lemons at Step Into Second Grade for making these little cuties!

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