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Saturday, February 23, 2013


Congratulations to Mrs. D., Kelsey Anderson, & Forever A Student! Check your e-mail ladies. I decided to choose 3 winners because there were so many sweet comments! Thanks everyone! Oh, and these were chosen by random at random.org. I just forgot to take a screen shot of each click! Hope you have a Silly Week next week with your kiddos!

Thursday, February 21, 2013

Silly Centers

Silly Centers are posted! And, they are on sale through tomorrow ONLY! It's almost Friday...Yay! To say thanks for reading my little ol' blog, I'll give this away to one lucky person that comments below. Don't forget your e-mail addy and I'll choose someone tomorrow...As always, thanks so much for reading!

Saturday, February 16, 2013

Fairy Tale Unit Posted

Many have asked about my Fairy Tale centers...they are finally finished and posted to TPT. Check out the preview below to see what is included.

Thursday, February 14, 2013

Intervention and Valentines

I just love working with my little intervention group every morning. I snapped a couple of pics this morning to show you a little of what we do.  

These are our blending strips...I have several versions in my January Intervention Packet.
And, they love the little witch finger pointers!  :)

For this activity, I call out 2 sounds together like /ma/.  Then, they write the sounds down.  Today we did sounds with /a/ at the end.  

These are the little dry erase paddles from Target dollar spot.  We did NOT use the markers that came with them...they leave yucky black streaks!  In the trash went the markers and out came the EXPO's.  :)

Last, I updated my Happy Hearts Valentine unit and added these 6 new centers.  Mostly math to align more closely with common core.  If you own my unit go grab the updated version!  :)

I have these games throughout several of my units where the sight words are mixed up.  This is difficult for a lot of my students so we do it often to practice.  I think it's important for students to try to picture the word and arrange the letters in the correct order.  

Do you have a set aside intervention time each day?  What do you do that really helps your struggling students?
Happy Valentines Day!!

Monday, February 11, 2013

Who do you like kisses from? & Update

Today we read Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London.  I'm sure you all have it or at least have read it...if not you need to!  The kids love it!  Then we did this super cute activity from my sis's Valentine packet.  This was SO EASY to throw together!  If you need a cute activity go check it out HERE!  

Aren't these kisses adorable?  Boys did red arms and legs...

Girls did pink arms and legs AND of course, a bow!  :)

The little writing activity turned out so cute!  I loved their responses.

Last, to encourage us to ALWAYS write our name as best we can, I created the Neat Name Writing Club...This is a huge deal!  Everyone wants to be part of it...it's funny to over hear them talking about it.  So far, we have 4 members and we're working really hard to have all 19 names on here soon!  

If you missed my Fairy Tale post see yesterday's post below!  :)
Also, if you need other Valentine's ideas you can check out my Happy Hearts unit HERE and last year's post HERE.
BTW, if you already have my Happy Hearts Valentine's Unit, I added 6 NEW centers and some pre-made game pieces so go re-download it!  :)

Sunday, February 10, 2013

Fairy Tale Fun!!!

We began our Fairy Tale unit this week...I LOVE fairy tales!!  They are my absolute favorite stories to read and do things with.  Of course, my centers are themed around my unit as you can see below AND we do lots of fun activities too!  My fairy tale unit will be ready soon and loaded to my tpt store in case your fairy tale unit needs some new center stations.  :)  

Integrating literacy with math...sight words, color words, counting and number recognition all in one center...I love these kind!

We are practicing hard on addition...this was super fun!  How many beans can Jack's hand hold?

Teen number words...

Ordering by 10's with Rapunzel's Tower

Reading nonsense and real words with Goldilocks

Our weekly word family word sort...they loved the little wands!  

My version of a rhyming center...matching a word we can read to a picture...rhyming is SO hard for my kinders, especially EL's...is it for yours?

Beginning and Ending sounds...they really have to listen to the stretched out word and concentrate to hear both sounds

Spelling CVC words

Okay, this was so much fun!  First we made Rapunzel and her tower then we add hair to her.  Next, I let the kiddos come up and cut a yellow piece of yarn.  I told them to cut it however they wanted.  You can find this activity HERE

Then, we measured Rapunzel's hair with cubes and the piece of "hair" we cut from yarn.  Last, we compared the two pieces.  So much learning going on here in a FUN way.  :) Can you tell I'm all about learning and FUN!?

ALL Of my kiddos were so engaged!  I was eating it up!

Little Red's Basket of Blends...first we made Little Red and her basket.  
You can find this activity HERE.
Next, we got a sheet of paper with pictures on it and only colored pictures that began with a blend.  

Last, we put the blend pictures in her basket.  :)  They LOVED this on too...plus they look adorable hanging in the hall!  

More fairy tale fun next week, AND Valentines!  :)  
Hope your weekend has been great!

Friday, February 1, 2013

Morning Centers this week & Weather Activities

This won't be a long post...but I did want to share the rest of our centers and some cute activities we did this week.  The centers below were our morning centers.  I mix math and literacy for morning centers.

I found the little umbrellas at Dollar Tree...Score!

Close up of how I made the game...labels with sight words written on them and stuck under the umbrella.

Here's the game I had asked for your opinion on Facebook...I did use the title as you can see...I hope you "get it"...It's after that show Sunny in Philadelphia...I don't even watch that show...but hey...

We practiced recognizing the correct sequence of numbers

I forgot to get a pic of the recording sheet for this but I had this DJ Inker bulletin board set from forever ago...I just had to use it!  

You can find my center activities above and more in my What's the Weather unit in my tpt store HERE.

We made meteorologists and wrote about the kind of weather we would predict...So Cute!

After we talked about rain...why and how it rains we made these cute little legs...it's always fun to jump and splash in rain puddles!

Addition with raining hearts

And finally, our little fact book about weather...

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