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Monday, February 11, 2013

Who do you like kisses from? & Update

Today we read Froggy's First Kiss by Jonathan London.  I'm sure you all have it or at least have read it...if not you need to!  The kids love it!  Then we did this super cute activity from my sis's Valentine packet.  This was SO EASY to throw together!  If you need a cute activity go check it out HERE!  

Aren't these kisses adorable?  Boys did red arms and legs...

Girls did pink arms and legs AND of course, a bow!  :)

The little writing activity turned out so cute!  I loved their responses.

Last, to encourage us to ALWAYS write our name as best we can, I created the Neat Name Writing Club...This is a huge deal!  Everyone wants to be part of it...it's funny to over hear them talking about it.  So far, we have 4 members and we're working really hard to have all 19 names on here soon!  

If you missed my Fairy Tale post see yesterday's post below!  :)
Also, if you need other Valentine's ideas you can check out my Happy Hearts unit HERE and last year's post HERE.
BTW, if you already have my Happy Hearts Valentine's Unit, I added 6 NEW centers and some pre-made game pieces so go re-download it!  :)


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