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Friday, November 30, 2012

New Christmas Unit and Black Friday Shopping Hours and

Okay girls, (and maybe the occasional guy)...no one guessed the number of hours I spent shopping on Black Friday corectly.  So, I'm going to give my Polar Express Unit to the first guess that was the closest...which was 15...and Crystal (K5Rocks)  is the winner!  I'll be e-mailing you soon!

I actually spent a total of 22 hours shopping!!  Yes...insane, but SO MUCH FUN!  This is a family tradition that we've been doing since I was in middle school I guess.  Both of my parents go, my sister, sister-n-law, aunt, and bestie always go.  Now, my dad is the bag holder and car loader for us.  He likes to "people watch", but gets stuck holding a bunch of bags and makes tons trip after trip to the car.  This year, we started at 11 pm and got home the next night at 9 pm.  My wonderful husband took care of the baby...he's awesome by the way!  A PRO at baby stuff and my girls spent the weekend with cousins from out of town.  I got tons of shopping done...Yay! 

If you are a first or second grade teacher PLEASE check out my sister's store and blog and follow her if you will.  She's been on tpt for a few months now but I would love it if you would follow her.  She has some great little packets and "stuff" available...and it's cheap! 
Check out her new Christmas Literacy Pack.  It has some cute little pages that are ready to print and use...little or no prep time.  Thanks friends!  You're the BEST!

Last, click the picture below to visit my newest creation...Holly Jolly Christmas with DJ Inkers clipart (By request)!  So Cute! 

Sunday, November 25, 2012

TPT Sale Cyber Monday and Polar Express Unit

Hello all!  Long time no blog huh?  I am keeping busy with my new little one at home and he is doing great!  Thanks for all who have checked in on us!  :)  Hope you all had a wonderful Thanksgiving.  We did.  God has blessed my family SO!  

I am joining in on the Cyber Monday plus Bonus Tuesday sale at TPT!  Hope you all get some serious shopping done for the upcoming months!  :)  There are so many great things out there that I could def. put into good use in my classroom once I return.  Click the picture above to go straight to my store.

I have just completed my new Polar Express Unit.  If you are interested in it CLICK HERE.  There are some fun things in it that align perfectly with Common Core.  I literally study what my daughter brings home in her folder since I'm not at work right now and am making games she could benefit from.  I'm working on a new Christmas math and literacy too...hopefully it will be up soon!  

Oh, and thanks to everyone who played in my Halloween Giveaway!  I def. did e-mail the winner, but never got it posted that I chose someone...but I did.  :)  It's so hard to post when you don't have your laptop on hand.  

Here are my December Unts already available in my store.  Click the pic to go to the unit.

First person to guess how many straight hours of Black Friday shopping I did this past weekend will get my Polar Express unit for FREE.  :)  Don't forget your e-mail!    

Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Stuff...


Hi all!  Well, since I'm out on maternity leave my computer is at school with my sub...I've been using my husband's iPad to make posts.  I'm not really sure how to get pictures on my posts from this thing...so they are a little boring.  (Wait, I think I figured it out...do you see the pics at the top?).
Anywho...I wanted to tell you about my new tpt stuff.  I have added a new Search and Find Sight Words pack set 1 and Turkey Time Common Core Math Centers.  Since I'm not working at the moment I've been studying what my daughter brings home in her folder to see what they are doing in class.  These centers will be perfect for my classroom next year for common core and I hope you find them helpful too.  I'm working on the literacy set too.  Hope to be done with those tomorrow.  If you are interested check them out HERE and HERE.
Happy Wednesday!
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