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Sunday, December 19, 2010

More Christmas Fun!

This week was our last week before the holidays, so we had to get in the rest of our Christmas activities before break.  This was a fun week.  Check out some of the games we played!  I'll post pics of our Storytelling Festival soon!  Check back.

Our adorable TLC Santa's.  Teacher friends, if you've never heard of TLC, it's a MUST for K teachers!  
Couldn't teach without it!  (or wouldn't want to)

This was probably the most fun game we played this week.  They had to build the chimney's by rolling the die.  I loved how they had to figure out when to stop one chimney and begin building the other ones.
They had to roll each turn, and couldn't put any back in the box once they counted out their cubes.  They had to figure out how many more they needed on each chimney and then what to do with what was left over.  SO MUCH FUN, plus a great learning game!

She has finished the one lying down.


Rectangle trees, but first we had to put them in order from shortest to tallest.  After, we added dots of snow with q-tips.  I forgot to take a picture of the finished product, but they are coming home with your kiddos.

Our first snow day of the school year!

Of course, we had to taste the snow!

We are looking for what's inside the stocking, then finding the letter on our paper to match
the beginning sound.

He found a rat.

Here, we are pulling out an object and finding the letter in the word "Christmas"that matches
the object's beginning sound.  

Here, they had to read the word, and match it to the bottom part of the stocking.
We also have a number word matching to sets stocking game.

They had to count the ornaments on each tree and record the number on a matching color tree.

Here, they measured the presents with blocks.

Friday, December 10, 2010

Santa and his Reindeer week

This has been another fun week.  I just LOVE Christmas time and all the things that go with it.  This week we did our Santa and reindeer activities and centers.  I'm posting pictures of our fun times and of course, learning!!  

feed the reindeer game (game from Mrs. Estes)

For teacher friends reading this, I found these cute reindeer buckets in the $1.00 section at Target

ordering Santa's reindeer as we draw a number our of a stocking

Reading number words to find the number on Santa's beard

Rhyming reindeer

We drew objects out of Santa's hat then had to find it's matching rhyming picture
and dot it with a bingo dotter.

We had to match picture stamps to letters on Santa's beard for the beginning sound.

We got to wear reindeer antlers for write the room this week.

At this center we practiced recognizing coins by rolling the cube and shopping for Santa's suit.  (idea from Mrs. Estes)

the finished product

At this center, they had to choose a stocking, count what was inside and write the number on the matching stocking.

At this center, we are practicing recognizing the dots on the die without having to count.
We rolled a die, and found the number on the sample Rudolph to see which part we got.
The object was to complete Rudolph.

For this game, we labeled a blow up Santa from the Dollar Tree and then recorded what we did on the paper.

Reindeer Chow

We had reindeer chow today.  Together, we sorted my reindeer chow and counted each group.  Then, we graphed the food and wrote the number at the top.  Next, each child got to sort, count, write, and EAT their own reindeer chow.  Fun and YUMMY!  Thanks to parents for sending our "chow".

The chow is in a ziploc bag inside the brown bag.
I just dipped out each child a scoop for their paper.



They have sorted, counted, written, and now ready to EAT!

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