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Sunday, March 29, 2015

Hopping into Spring Sale

My friends over at Blog Hoppin' and I are throwing a Spring Sale!!!  Just in time for you to stock up on any spring units you may need to finish out the school year!  I know how busy this time gets, and it's great to go ahead and get everything planned for the remainder of the year!  I heard someone say the other day that we (in my district) have 40 days of school left?!?!  What?!?  That's nuts!  My store is on sale and here's a few of the things I use to finish out the year.

Saturday, March 14, 2015

St. Patrick's Day

Spring is just around the corner and I'm so ready to bring out my flip-flops again!  This is the time of year that gets so busy and hectic with fitting in as much as we can before our babies leave us and move on to bigger things.  At my school, is when Kindergarten registration for next year begins, and Kindergarten preview where tiny pre-schoolers come in to see what K is all about, and lots of school-wide fun days, field trips, and AH!  Graduation.  It's just busy, it slips by so fast.  I feel like I've shown just about every set of centers I have for the year on this blog, but I'm going to do a rewind, and show you what my centers will look like next week for St. Patrick's Day.  :)  Here's what will be happening during center time in my classroom next week:

Ordering Words to make a sentence
 Working on a new sound /ck/ with word families
 This one is super fun!  I don't know what it is about races, but kids are all over them!
They spin the boy/girl spinner & the ending sound center.  Who will win...Irish boy or girl?
I also included a teen number race in the unit.
 Rhyming Rainbows...they had to read the words and match the clouds to the rhyming rainbow.
 Unscrambling Sight Words...
 Subtraction using dice and manipulatives.
 And....addition using manipulatives
 Counting dots by 10's...
Filling in missing numbers to 50.
 Matching teen numbers to number words...
And, that about wraps it up.  If you like these, they can be purchased HERE.

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