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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

We Found our Gingerbread Man!

So, on Friday, we made a gingerbread man.  We took him to the kitchen to bake him and after p.e., we went back to get him.  When Mrs. Sharon went to get him...he had run away!  Off we went, searching for our little gingerbread man.  Mrs. Monica in the office said she saw him running in the halls and she tried to catch him, but he was too fast.  Only a couple other teachers spotted him, but we didn't find him.  We made LOST posters so that we might find him sooner.  I got this idea from a teacher I work with Mrs. Brown.  I told my boys and girls that it was possible that he ran home to my house because that is where I mixed him up.  Sure enough, I found him upstairs playing in the bonus room with all the toys.  I scolded him and told he shouldn't ever run away.  I got him and locked him up until Monday.  Monday, we decorated him and ATE HIM!  The kids loved that we finally found him and most of all got to eat him.  YUM!

all that's left after we got done with him


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