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Wednesday, November 7, 2012

New Stuff...


Hi all!  Well, since I'm out on maternity leave my computer is at school with my sub...I've been using my husband's iPad to make posts.  I'm not really sure how to get pictures on my posts from this thing...so they are a little boring.  (Wait, I think I figured it out...do you see the pics at the top?).
Anywho...I wanted to tell you about my new tpt stuff.  I have added a new Search and Find Sight Words pack set 1 and Turkey Time Common Core Math Centers.  Since I'm not working at the moment I've been studying what my daughter brings home in her folder to see what they are doing in class.  These centers will be perfect for my classroom next year for common core and I hope you find them helpful too.  I'm working on the literacy set too.  Hope to be done with those tomorrow.  If you are interested check them out HERE and HERE.
Happy Wednesday!


  1. Can't see the pictures yet but I am checking out the TPT stuff! Thanks for sharing! :)


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  4. Hi Julie,
    I was just stopping by to wish you a Happy Thanksgiving!

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