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Monday, October 10, 2011

Strategies & Intervention Fun

Y'all...my kiddos are finally beginning to "get it" in letter naming.  For the most part we know the letters in our name now and are remembering the letters we are learning with our reading series.  Intervention can be so boring if you let it...my EL learners struggle with language barriers so initial sounds is so very hard for them.  They just can't retain the pictures because they don't know them.  The little ISF game below REALLY helps them learn how to play the "sound game".  They are starting to get it.  Here we are using the game from my October Small Groups and Intervention Pack.  This pack really makes my intervention time fun and worthwhile!

Here, the students are using the letter naming strips from the pack also.  We are getting really good at this strip before we move on.  They got so tickled over the witch fingers when I brought them out...and it was a huge HIT!  Go to Target Dollar Section now to get your own!

On another note, we are learning about spiders this week so we practiced positional words with a foam spider.  I say, "Put the spider at the top of your body."...or middle of your arm, and so forth...you get the idea.  It was fun!

Coming up...SPIDERS...and the unit is almost ready for tpt!


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