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Tuesday, January 29, 2013

Our Math Centers this Week...plus some rainy fun!

Happy Tuesday!  I thought I would go ahead and post about our math stations today and do literacy & morning centers another day.  We are lovin' our math stations so far!  We adopted a new math series this year and since I was out for 3 1/2 months I feel "out of the loop", but am getting used to a little more each day.  It's just different from the way I've always taught math.  What math series do you use? Or do you?  Also, I've changed a few stations to go along more with Common Core.  Check out the pics below to see what we're doing.  Feel free to PIN the pictures to your math board.  

This is a subtraction center...what they do is pick a sun and look at the number.  Then, they take away that many rays by folding them back.  Each sun has 10 rays to begin with.  The little rays fit perfectly behind when folded...can I just say that I would LOVE this if I was a kid...and they DO!  :)  They have done awesome at this center so far!
This is what they look like before...
This is what they look like after they "take away" the rays

Oh my Goodness...this is so fun too!  All you need is cheap plastic sunglasses...I got mine at Wal-Mart in the party favor section...6 for $2.00.  Add sticker dots to each lens and Boom...easy peasy addition plus it's super FUN!  

This is what it looks like...

Chillin' at the rug...and doing MATH...

This game is ordering numbers counting by 5's...then they record what they did on their paper.

Stormy Subtraction...they have to count the dots on the storm cloud then roll the die to see how many they need to take away.  They needed some help with this so guess where I was the most...green basket
I forgot to snap one up close of one that was done but here's what it looks like...

Practicing counting with ten-frames and twisters...

 This was for morning work...and they did really good...happy teacher!

This next part is not about math, but we've been learning about weather...today we learned about rain...how and why it rains...then we practiced becoming a rain cloud...each student was one little rain drop...one by one we huddled together in the rope circle until we were so full that we just spilled out...Just like a rain cloud!!  Oh my...they were lovin' this fun little activity!  We had to do it twice!

 Notice the rope circle on the floor...you can use a hoola-hoop if you have one
 It's getting full...
 It rained...

Look at their precious little faces...so fun!

You can find the math centers you see in this post in my weather unit HERE if you are interested.


  1. I LOVE these math centers, especially the sunglasses one! I may need to make a Wal Mart run tomorrow to pick some up! :)

  2. The sun ray subtraction is very cute, along with all your other ideas! Renee

  3. Julie Lee, you continue to amaze me with your ideas and creativity! I love the sun subtraction game. That is genius! What a great visual. I'm adding this pack to my TPT wish list!

  4. I LOVE all your creative center ideas, they look great! Can't wait to see what you're doing in Literacy! We currently use Big Math for Little Kids (but the Kindergarten edition for PreK, which makes no sense to me)! What are you using?

    Fun in PreK-1

  5. Is the sun subtraction game part of one of your units?


    The Bilingual Teacher

  6. Sunny sums and stormy... What an amazing way to motivate students with real stuff....
    Very nice!

    Fonts 4 Teachers
    Fonts 4 Teachers in TPT

  7. Love these math activities. I'm going to have to head over to TPT and put it in my cart. We use Everyday Math as our math curriculum. This year, due to CCSS, it is now just a resource. We are allowed to pick and chose what we want to use for teaching the various standards. The district laid out the timeline for which standard and when and let us loose. It is nice to have the freedom but it can be very overwhelming as well.


  8. I love these math centers! And the falling rain........fabulous!!

    Kindergarten Boom Boom

  9. OH my goodness! That rain cloud activity looks like so much fun. I also love your subtraction suns. What a great idea! :)

    Mrs. Pauley’s Kindergarten

  10. Super ~ Duper cute...Julie! Ditto to what everyone has commented above. What new Math Curriculum did your school purchase? I still fit thematic centers in my school day because I think my students really LEARN from them. With the CCSS...I am afraid that I will not be able to "FIT" them in. I will cry (for a ong time) when that happens. Enjoy the rest of your year with your kiddos! Amber

    1. Thanks girl! :) We adopted Go Math...I'm still getting used to it! :)

  11. I love these math centers and the rain cloud rug activity! We are discussing weather too now and I can't wait to do this activity with my students. Thank you for sharing all your great ideas with us!
    We use Go Math aligned to the Common Core for our Math program, what program are you using? - Christina


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