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Monday, October 21, 2013

Spiders, Skeletons, & Scarecrows

We had a short week last week...our fall break wasn't long enough.  The laundry at my house is NEVERending.  I just can't keep it done.  

We had so much fun learning about Spiders, and our bodies and all things Ss last week!  During centers we did my newest pack Spiders, Scarecrows, and Skeletons and it was a hit.  We loved it.  You can check it out HERE.  If you bought it anytime last week, you got a deal.  It was supposed to be on sale for 1 day only and I left it the whole week.  :)  HA!

 I like the fact that some of my newer games have the sight words listed more than once in different fonts.  I tell my students to touch and point to each word and read it.  I like the fact that it gives them exposure to different fonts.  :)

They were head over heels for this one...They got to go the rug with a clipboard and sit around this giant web.  I got this at K-mart about 5 years ago.  So, you just throw the spiders on the web.  Then, as it is your turn, you pick a spider and look at the picture on the bottom.  If it started with /s/, they wrote Ss on their paper.  If it didn't, they lost a turn.  

Students reached in the bag, pulled out a card and wrote what they got.  If you pulled out a sticky web, you lost a turn.  :(

If y'all read this blog regularly, you know that I love to have my kids up and moving for at least one center.  The hit this month is to find things hanging from our ceiling.  This week spiders were hanging with letters.

 After finding all the letters, they wrote them in ABC order at the bottom of their paper.

These turned out so cute plus they were fun to make and very hands-on!  This was a 2 step project for us...first we built the sight word using Q-Tips.  Later, we added arms and legs and wrote a sentence that says I have bones.  

I got the next two ideas from Cara at The First Grade Parade

We always do this graph and I love to see who is not afraid of spiders...that way if we ever find one I know who to call on to kill it.  I HATE spiders and am terrified of them!  
However, they are fun to learn about...pictures only please.  :)
 We added pictures of ourselves to the middle of our spiders.  :)


  1. These are such great ideas! Thanks for sharing your pictures!

  2. Great ideas!! I am so jealous you can hang stuff from the ceiling!
    Really Roper

  3. I love the Q-tips idea using the sight words. Definitely pinned on my holiday craft ideas. Thanks for sharing.

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