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Wednesday, February 12, 2014

100th day fun and a NEW 100th day CRAFT!

We celebrated our 100th day of school a few days ago and I have had NO time to blog here lately!  My life is super busy right now…did I mention before that I am getting ready to present at my first (hopefully not last) SDE conference in a couple of weeks!!  Oh. My. Word!  I'm super excited, but nervous…this is WAY out of my comfort zone, but I felt like it was something God was wanting me to do so I'm going for it!  I will be there with the fabulous Kim Adsit and Deanna Jump and lots of others that I can't wait to meet!  Fun times!  :)  And, my twinsie is coming along for moral support!  Have I said before that we do not do much without each other…that includes my first ever presentation!  I'm so excited she is coming with me.  :)  

Here are some pictures of our 100th day fun!  And, we didn't get as much done as usual b/c we had a snow day that week!

Fruit Loop Necklaces…They have to group the colors in sets of 10, then count to 100 by 10's before I tie them off.  :)
 Group Murals….This one will become a gum ball machine...
 And, the cutest idea from Cara Carroll…a giant chocolate chip cookie with 100 chocolate chips!
The end products…You can find the Chocolate Chip Cookie idea HERE in Cara's packet.  LOVE!

 And, my newest 100th day idea/craft began like this…
I let some students write a number on a small piece of paper then their partner glued it to the big colored rectangle.  
 Next, we gathered at the run to put them in order from 10-100 counting by 10's.  This was super quick!

Later, we made these little "smartie candies" and wrote about what makes us feel smart!
Um, probably one of the cutest things we've done!!
 I LOVE the way they look hanging on our door and in our hallway!  So bright and cheery!

I have added this craft to my 100th day pack that you can find HERE.  If you own it, you can re-download to find the craft. 

OH, and congrats to Vonda for winning both of my Weather Packs.  :)  I already sent it to you!  :) 


  1. At which SDE conference are you presenting? I'd LOVE to come see you and hear all your great ideas. :)

  2. Thank you, Julie! I am thrilled that I won your weather packet. My kiddos will enjoy all the activities and I will love the fact that they are having fun while learning.

  3. I LOVE your 100th day Ideas. Ours is the day after we get back from Spring break, on the 25th! There are so many good ideas out there it's going to be SO hard to pick the ones my first graders will have the most fun with.

    Mrs. D @ Reading with Mrs. D

  4. Aw Julie, I am excited for you in your upcoming presentation! You will do great! I wish I lived in the states so that I could drop everything and go see you and meet you! You are so talented!

    Lcie aka thebeezyteacher


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