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Sunday, October 12, 2014


Well, I meant to already have this post up, but...life happens.  We celebrated my little one's 2nd birthday this weekend with a Jake/Pirate party!  So fun!  

Last week we learned all about apples and our centers were apple themed too!  Here's some of what went on in our little classroom last week.  You can find the apple centers HERE in my Apple Fun Unit.

For one of our counting centers, these little guys hang from our ceiling.  They love to walk around with their little clipboard and count the apples "up on top".  :)
More Math Centers
1.  The apples were put in number order 1-10.
2. Students counted the spots on the apples then wrote the matching number.
3. They had to find the number and matching number word.
4. They counted to ten frame and wrote the number.  

They are lovin' the pocket chart stories right now.
First the kiddos have to match the apple with the correct sentence.
Then, they complete the story.

Literacy Centers
 1. Bushel of Sight Words: I like this because they see the sight words in different fonts and with uppercase letters at the beginning of some words.  They had to read the sights words then write it on the line.
2. Let's Go Pickin': They pick an apple from the tree.  If it has an Aa they write it, if not they turn it back over and try again.
3. Easy as Pie:  They pick a pie "from the oven"...using a pot holder of course, and listen for the first sound.  They write the matching letter.
4.  Johnny Went Walking: Students get a clipboard and search the room for the "Johnnys"and write the letter.  Then, at the bottom they have to write the letters in ABC order.

 I love the way these Johnny Appleseed projects turned out.  These took us a couple of days, but they are oh so cute!  We came up with a fact about Johnny Appleseed as a class and wrote the sentence.  
You can find this activity HERE.
 We learned about the apple tree and made these little apple pockets.
 And, we made these cutie-patootie apple faces from First Grade Blue Skies.

Well, that sums up Apples!  Next up is Spiders, Scarecrows, and Skeletons for Ss Week then it's off to the pumpkin patch and Pumpkin Week!  
Can't Wait to show you my newest Pumpkin Party pack in action!

And, go HERE to check out some of my new-found You Tube videos that my kids are LOVE-ING right now!


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