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Tuesday, May 5, 2015

Caterpillar Addition and Subtraction Books & a Sale!

I wanted to show you what my newest product looks like.  My kids love these little books!
There's very little prep to this activity (chopping and stapling) and they're a great little tool or resource to use in your classroom.  Bonus: the kids love them!  They are super fun!

All you need to complete this activity are the materials shown below.
All directions on how to make the books are included in the product.

Everything in my store is on sale!!  Click the image below to go check it out!  
Don't forget to enter the code THANKYOU for additional savings!


  1. Love this product idea but was not able to locate it in your TPT store. Is it available?

    1. Thanks!! Yes, it is. I thought I linked it but it must not have worked.

  2. Adorable just like you! I will check this out because it looks like so much fun for kids!

  3. I'm an early interventionist (preschool focus) & was cruising for activity book ideas & found your site. You certainly have put a lot of work into this! I just have bins full-I should share. Anyways, I see a lot of photos of children & wonder if you have photo releases from their parents? I know that most if not all schools in Canada require photo releases for photos used in newsletters & such.
    I also wonder if any of your children appear to be overstimulated by the classroom decor? I've read that a lot 'going on' in a classroom can be overstimulating for boys specifically so was wondering if you found that. (I see the logic in that so was wondering if it is noticeable to other professionals).
    You have a lot of great ideas & it's good to see such a variety of learning ways.

  4. Must say, Great Idea,Keep up the momentum.Keep Updating.
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