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Wednesday, November 4, 2015

Thanksgiving Ideas Repost and an OLDIE FREEBIE!

This is a just a repost of some of the centers and activities we do during November...just in case you need some new ideas!  :)

Whew…I love this time of year, but it gets so busy I just can't keep my head from spinning!  But, this is the time of year I really start to see my kinders grow academically and I love it!  Plus, there are so many fun learning opportunities that are just that; FUN & LEARNING at the same time.  Here's what we've been up to the past couple of weeks.  All of these activities can be found in either my Happy Thanksgiving Unit, my Turkey Time Literacy pack, or my Turkey Time Math pack plus tons of other great centers not shown.  :)

Ordering numbers to 12...
 I love my centers that integrate math and literacy…boom!
 Sorting word family words...
 Building sight words with letter feathers…FUN!
 I put this on Instagram, but in case you aren't an Instagrammer…this is one of the funnest centers for math…they are so engaged every time we do it….
Set the timer and hit go…stuff your turkey as fast as you can…
Students count and record how much "stuffing" they put in their turkey for Thanksgiving Day

For this game, I made up 10 headbands with feathers that had pictures on the feathers.  I randomly pass them out each day to 10 friends…the students in the group completing the activity walk around the room searching for the feathers that their friends are wearing on their head.  Then, they write the beginning sound.  Now, how fun is that…the whole class is involved!
Beginning Sound Spin & Write
Beginning and Ending Sounds…this was a little tricky for my kids right now, but I definitely could hear them trying...
This is great for common core…each child gets a mini tub of red and yellow counters…Then, they complete their Gobble, Gobble Counting Book making combinations of different numbers on each page.  This is in Turkey Time Math Centers.
These centers you can find in my Happy Thanksgiving Pack at my tpt store.  
They loved this one!  I added colored dots to match the feathers to make it easier for my kids to build the words.
If you bought my unit, make sure you download the revised one...there's a "goof" on this one...do you see it?
I fixed it and revised it!
You can find the Native American Craft at the link below.
I always love how these turn out each year!  We've been talking about symmetry so we designed these cool shirts for our Native American friends.  

This center was a HIT!  They caught the turkey with a fishing pole and then bingo dotted the matching letter.
Teacher Tip:  Instead of paper clips which always get pulled off from the fishing pole, just simply staple the corner of the game piece and it works perfect!  Easy peasy, lemon squeeze!
You can find this in my TPT Store for FREE.


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