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Wednesday, June 15, 2016

Exciting News!!!

I have some exciting news to share!
Next year, I will be co-teaching in kindergarten!!  Same school, same grade (I teach in an ALL kindergarten school), different classroom!  
That's right...Jamie Mayas from Mrs. Mayas' Kinders and I will be teaching together in the same classroom!  
Excited would be an understatement.
I have taught K in the same room for 11 years and it was great, but I am ready for a change.  Um, packing 11 years worth of teacher stuff was challenging.  HA!  
I can't wait to share with you our adventures of co-teaching and what our new classroom will look like!  
Here's my old classroom...
 Here will be our new classroom!
They knocked down a wall to make a larger classroom to fit 36 kiddos instead of 18.
Stay tuned for our classroom tour in a couple months...but for now 


  1. Congratulations! Sounds like so much fun! Can't wait to see how it goes once school starts. How did it all happen?

    1. Thank you!! We already have a few in our district so we went and asked to do it too! HA!

  2. Those are lucky kids and lucky teachers! How awesome!!!

  3. Yall will be a dynamic duo for sure!! So excited for you both!!

  4. Thats going to be amazing! You two seem like you will make a wonderful team!


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