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Friday, July 7, 2017

"Trollin" In to a New School Year!!

I don't know about you, but my kids love trolls!  So, I thought how cute it would be to make a troll craft for the beginning of school!  This can be used when teaching colors or just back to school.  

Here's a few ideas:

Create a graph of your student's favorite color.  Pre-cut strips in several colors.  Let students choose a strip according to their favorite color and glue to the graph.  This is a sample graph.  Use a larger piece of chart paper for a larger group of students.  I mean, how adorable is that? 
We love to wear hats in my classroom.  Let students make troll hair for their favorite color.  :)

So cute, right?
 To make the hair stand up glue a strip to the top of the hair.
 For the girl, I used a twist tie to gather the hair and, of course, I added a cute bow!  
 Here's a sample chart for recording things that kids are excited about school.
 Everything in this post is included in the pack!  All patterns and words for charts and graphs.  


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