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Friday, January 7, 2011

It's a New Year!

So, today was my first day back with kids.  Hopefully almost over my sickness.  It was a great day with my kinders and we did some fun things.  Just a little funny for ya...today, we read All you Need to Build a Snowman, and one of the snowmen had on suspenders so I asked the kids if they had ever seen anyone wear suspenders or know what they were.  No one knew.  I told them that not a lot of people wear them today, but maybe a long time ago they did.  Quickly, B. says, "Yeah, back in the 90's."  I wanted to laugh my head off, but just smiled at her and said, "Yes, darling."  Don't you just love kids?!?  Here are a few pics of what we did.

placing the pipe (which we didn't know what it was...little miss B. said, "the hammer the judge uses"...what a hoot!)

This is what we found in our mystery bag and we had to figure out what is might be.  (it's hard to see on the rug, but it made a snowman)

We made giant snowman heads and put a pattern using snowflakes on their scarves.  The kids did so GREAT with their very own patterns.  We even had an ABCD pattern (which we have not discussed).  So smart!

Of course, they have to write, so they named their pattern.

I found this cute idea on littlegiraffes.com a few years ago and have done it ever since.  It's a great beginning to a new year.  Each student wrote about something they wanted to accomplish this year.  We had some great goals: learn to ride a bike, learn to swim. to beat ALL levels on Mario Kart, and to win a race.  They were all so good!

We made snowman soup (which we plan to label next week)
Idea from kidscount1234.com
Each child cut (on their own, no patterns) an ingredient for our soup.

Happy New Year!


  1. I LOVE your big snowmen! So cute thank you for sharing this wonderful idea!

  2. Lol! Back in the 90s hahahaha.

  3. You big snowmen are adorable!


  4. great ideas, love snowman soup~cute!!


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