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Friday, January 28, 2011

Mitten Activities

This week we had so many fun activities that correlated with The Mitten by Jan Brett.  Each of our center activities were mitten themed which reviewed skills.  The kids LOVED this story so much!  And, I have to admit, it is too cute.  My kids know that I'm a book fanatic...sometimes they'll say, "Let me guess, this is one of your favorite books too?"  They know me too well!  Here are some pictures of us in action!  We also have a student teacher in our room who is helping us plan and carry out our activities.

 Learning about odd and even numbers.  If our kittens lost a mitten, we found out that number was odd.  If no kittens lost a mitten, the number was even. (idea from mailbox)

 We counted snowflakes in the mitten

We went on a bear hunt (idea from Suzan)

 This was our sequencing "map" for The Mitten before we completed it.

Here are the kids completing their own snowman maps for The Mitten.
I forgot to take a picture of one completed...they turned out so cute.  Try to post later.

We read sight words to see where the animal was hiding. (I saw a game similar to this one on the growing kinder's blog...I just adapted it to my theme for the week)

We made props for retelling The Mitten.  A white paper sack became the mitten
and it held all of our props.

 Here we are retelling the story using the props


Our student teacher read us Three Little Kittens.  
After the story, she gave us all a mitten and we had to
find who had the rhyming mitten.

 This was one of our fun math centers.  We matched sweaters with jeans...after we counted the dots and the matching number.

 Last week I posted 2 pages of our winter fact book.
These are the other two pages we added to complete the book.
I got this idea of the winter fact book from my good friend Suzan at KrazyforKindergarten.


  1. Great ideas, especially love the kittens with mittens and the sweaters and jeans, so cute!!

  2. Love your ideas, Julie!! So much fun!

  3. Those sweaters and jeans are SUPER cute! I bet the kids loved it!

  4. Great ideas, I love have you have a worksheet to go with their math activities.

  5. Love the mittten ideas especially using a white paper bag to store the animals in for sequsncing.
    The "counting snowflakes" pattern and recording sheet- will you have these for sale? Just love theideas!!!!

  6. Maryann, thanks for your comment! I don't sell my things, but e-mail me and I can send you a copy of the sheets you want. Thanks again.
    And, thanks everyone for the comments.

    1. Could I get a copy of the mitten sheet that they write the numbers of snowflakes on? My email is herefordks@unit5.org. Thanks!

  7. Where did you find the clip art for the sweater and jeans, and the kittens and mittens?

  8. Hi Julie,

    Just love the sweaters and jeans clipart. Can I ask where you got them from?

    Thanks for sharing

  9. Hey Julie,

    Could I possibly bother you to email me a copy of your snowman rhyme time?
    I would soooo appreciate it !


  10. Mrs. B.-I will be happy to send you a copy of the snowman rhyme time.
    Carol and edegrote, I honestly do not know where the clipart for the sweater came from...mailbox maybe...it was just in my folder from years so I decided to use it for something. I think I just googled jeans coloring page and found the jeans...you may could find a sweater on google as well. The kittens and mittens came from Mailbox as well. You could google your own clipart and remake it. Hope this helps.

  11. Great resource.
    Keep up the fantastic site.


  12. Julie can I get a copy too? This is an awesome resource I would like to keep for my files. Your dot counting math activity is ADORABLE!!!


  13. I would love a copy of your snowman rhyme time as well! Where did you find your rhyming stamps? Thank you!

  14. I do a very similar activity for retelling the mitten and have tried to use an envelope, pocket, you name it! to store the animals as the "mitten". I never thought of a paper bag! Great idea! Sooo much better! Thanks!

  15. Could you email me copies of the projects you did with your little ones for the story The Mitten.


  16. Hi, you are just fantastic. Thank you for posting your ideas. Could you please email me copies of your projects for The Mitten. I hope to be using them in Italy in my classroom!

  17. Hi!
    Such cute centers! I would LOVE a copy of counting the snowflakes on the mittens. I hope to receive a copy! :)

    My email is Lthatfield1@gmail.com


  18. Hi Julie!
    I enjoy so many of your units and love the ideas for my kinder class. Could you send me a copy of your mitten unit, you have great ideas! Specifically the mitten what comes next, the mitten mix up and tally marks.
    Thank you!
    Molly Smith

  19. I love your activities! Could you send me a copy of your "How many in the mitten?" sheet.

    Lanai Robbins

  20. I loved the snowflakes in the mitten activity! Could you tell me where i can find the mitten template and the worksheet? Thank you so much!

  21. Please send me a copy of the snowflake in the mittens activities to Bessie.Richards@fwisd.org

  22. I would love a copy of the snowflake mittens and the sweaters and jeans.
    Thanks Lynda ltkuhn@fcps.edu

  23. I would love copies of all your winter centers! I think my kiddos would love them! Thank you so much for sharing!!!


  24. Hi there! I love your ideas! I am wondering if you would be able to send me a copy of the "How many on my mitten" page with the blank mittens and number box that match the snowflakes on the mitten? Great ideas! sevans@lakeheadu.ca


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