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Tuesday, February 1, 2011

I Wanna Know...

What do you do to begin calendar time in your classroom?  I feel so boring just asking, "What month is it?"  Do you have a particular song or attention grabber that you do EVERY day?  Give me your best ideas for beginning calendar time!!  (Feel free to share other fun calendar ideas besides just how you get started)


  1. We start with the attendance on the Smartboard, where they see who is here and who is at home...they love to count how many students are absent and how many are at school.

  2. This year my whole calendar/weather routine is on the Smart Board. The kids will come to the rug and Dr. Jean's "Kiss Your Brain" plays. Next is calendar, and a child will write the date in. After we do a weather graph and visit weather.com to see what the weather in our city is. Next is an interactive 100 chart, reading our "mystery" sight words" and shared reading of the alphabet linking chart and poems.

  3. This is what I do with my pre-k kids... who we have been told by our administration that they are NOT pre-k but kindergarten (but that's another post)

    I love to sing with my kids... so we start by singing a variety of songs to get the kids going and to introduce the content before looking at the calendar... We sing the following in this order:

    "Good Morning" - By: Greg & Steve
    "Number Rock" - By: Greg & Steve
    "Days of the Week" - By: Dr. Jean
    "Macarena Months" - By: Dr. Jean
    "Count to 100 Rap" - By: Dr. Jean

    After we sing these songs, then my calendar person tells us the month, what day it is in the month, then the calendar person tell us what today, yesterday, and tomorrow will be. Finally, calendar person counts how many days we have been in school, then we count with our 100 chart how many days are left until 100.

    Then comes weather with the students singing:

    "What will the weather be" - By: Dr. Jean

    The weather person tells us what the weather is today, and where on our weather chart we need to color.

    We do this all with NO smartboard - although I WISH we could have one :-( but it's a wish! Hope that this helps.

  4. I start with Dr. Jean songs rise and shine, days of the week, and weather.
    We then talk about the weather and the days we have been in school and count by 10's then I have a count to 100 video. I also have a alphardy video the children sing to. We then talk about the days of the week and month. I have a teacher helper who does most of the work. I also have a container of sticks with the children's name on that the helper draws from so everyone gets a chance to answer questions.

  5. I use the smartboard for my 30 min calendar. We do not have interventionists so my team provides intervention for 1st gr during that time. I have 60 kids in my room when it's my turn to do calendar.
    I have 4 fav songs: Beautiful Day, Rise and Shine, Shake a Hand, Hello Neighbor. We do calendar, children then mark how many days has passed in month on ten frames, then days in school. After days in school we do place value rap by Ron Brown and mark on place value chart with base ten blocks and then money. Of course we do weather graphing and frequently look up weather around the world. We review sight words.
    Next we do a variety of activities depending on what we are studying-it could be math concept, science, literacy, watching a short book or informational video.
    Believe it or not, the kids are very well behaved and engaged. The time flies by


  6. I also start with a song. That we just sing:
    Teacher: Good morning Kindergarteners, how are you?
    Students: Good, Good.
    Teacher: Good morning Kindergarteners, how are you?
    Students: Good, Good.
    Teacher: It is time to start our day; we will learn and work and play
    Students: Repeat
    Teacher: Good morning Kindergarteners, how are you?
    Students: Good, Good.

    Then, we begin with our quality tools, a school wide program.
    I ask the students "Why are you here today?"
    Students: "I am here to learn"
    Teacher: "Who is responsible for your leanring and behavior?"
    Students: "I am responsible for my learning and behavior."

    Then, we go into the calendar. Whoever the helper is comes up and points to the month; students say it; helper points to each letter in the month as students say it; then we go into the days of the week, day, etc.

    Hope that helps....after reading everybodies comments, I really wish I had a SMARTBoard! A girl can dream...

  7. We sing months of the year, days of the week, count by 10's and 5's to 100. Sometimes, we do Mr. Clown, Mr. Clown he's the funnies Clown around, quick, do a trick (insert name of child) to let them show off in front of the class. I do Mr. Clown once a week. They love it!

  8. We sing everything, we sing months of year and day of week and 'whats the weather' etc... we play a game where we all stand in a circle and we sing the months of the year when their month is sung they sit down-- then we sing again and they stand up when their birthday month is sung.
    we clap along when we sing the days of the week. When we talk about the weather the children look through a telescope to assess the weather.

  9. Hi there! Love your blog!! :o) We stand up and sing the Months of the Year Song...to the tune of the Macarena! It fits exactly...we do the actions too...then we chant the months of the year, while the special helper points to the words. Each child sits down as his/her birth month is recited.


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