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Monday, April 18, 2011

Early Childhood Conference


My school, Big Spring Lake Kindergarten is hosting our annual Northeast Alabama Early Childhood Conference this summer and 
Kim Jordano from kinderbykim is coming!!!!!  We are so very excited!  Mike Artell will be our keynote speaker with lots of other great sessions and presenters.
The conference is July 27th, 2011.
  For more information go to 
You can print out a registration form from the website and send it in if you are interested in coming.


  1. I am going to see Kim Jordaho in Vegas this summer. I can't wait! I am sure Kim would love to visit your classroom and see all your amazing ideas!

  2. Kim is awesome!!! I saw her at our Wisconsin kindergarten workshop.



  3. I brought Kim to VB for our Title I teachers a few years back. I LOVED that she brought so many ideas with her--she didn't just talk about them, she showed and shared them! :) You should have seen her dragging those huge suitcases through the airport (in heels, no less!) Love her!

  4. Oh my goodness! I so wish I could be there!!! I LOVE her stuff!!!

  5. I saw Kim in Las Vegas last summer - went to most of her sessions. It would be fun to come down for a visit to meet you, Julie! I'm heading to the MN conference this summer - I'll be out of the country for Vegas -- bummer!

  6. I love Kim Jordano! I've seen her in Vegas and a Kinder conf. in So.CA. She is awesome. I also live in the same county where she teaches so I have gone to her Open Houses! WOW!!!!

  7. I wonder if your readers would benefit from a good resource for school fundraising ideas? There are tons of different school fundraisers to consider. The economy has really created the absolute need to school fundraising now more than ever.

  8. Is it only for kindergarten teachers? I looked into going, but am worried it will be geared only toward k, and I teach 1st!

  9. Sarah,
    It is not only for K teachers...we usually have teachers pre-K through 2nd grade. I know this year we have a couple of 1st grade teacher presenters, a session on technology, and several other good ones. But, the big one will be Kim Jordano..she is presenting 3 sessions. Please think about coming if you can! We would love to have you!

  10. Mrs. Julie, I love all of your ideas. This is my second year to teach and I find all of you ideas a great help! My kids love it all. They think Miss Ke'Andra is the best, but I tell them to thank other teachers who are so creative and love to share with Miss Ke'Andra. Please, keep sharing your resources with me! Do you use clip arts to make the animals that you put stickers on? I cannot find them online?! Help! My email is keandrad@ymail.com

  11. Keandra,
    Thanks! You are sweet! I use DJ Inkers clipart for everything. Look on her site.


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