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Friday, April 1, 2011

Jack Hartmann

Jack Hartmann came to Albertville!  Look at these precious kids enjoying every minute of Jack.  He was awesome.  This kids LOVED seeing him in person...they know him "through a cd player" quite well.  All 23 K classrooms got to go watch together plus an area elementary school and it was so cute seeing 500+ K's dance and sing.  Check it out!

Hip-Hop Tooty Ta!  Oh Yeah!

Jack was also nice enough to visit ALL 23 K classrooms at our school after the concert.
Here we are with him.

Me, Jack, and Jamie!

Jack, Haley, and Jamie and the night performance on stage...peforming the chicken song.

And, of course, little L with Jack...she loved the concert!


  1. What fun! Jack Hartmann is awesome.

  2. how cute L is with Jack! :) looks like your kids had a GREAT time!


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