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Tuesday, August 30, 2011

Green Day

I love green day....full of all kinds of fun!
We made our "green monsters" after reading Go Away Big Green Monster!

We sorted M&M's...

The best part....mixed blue and yellow food coloring...painted our frog with a marshmallow, then...ATE it!  

 They loved how it turned their mouth green!


  1. Julie...You KILL me. You have the dang cutest ideas, I swear! Makes me wanna go back to Kindergarten!!! HA!!! Our whole team just made your little Davids...that Peacemaker/breaker activity was too dang much. I LOVED it. We ALL did!!!
    LOVE it all, girl!!

    Cara :)
    The First Grade Parade

  2. SO CUTE!!!! I love those monsters! Yet again you make such dang cute things! Thanks a bunch for all of the inspiration!

  3. We made the monsters last year, but the marshmallows and green food coloring is too cute. I am sure that the kids will go crazy having a green mouth. I start with kids today and can't wait to do all of these fun projects. Thanks for sharing!!

  4. Do you have a copy of that Brown Bear M and M activity? I would love to use it with my kids this year! I don't have that cute clipart though!

    Thanks for sharing!!


  5. Jana,
    Look under freebies under labels on my sidebar and you will find it in one of the posts. :)

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